Karaton Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat under the leadership of Ng. S.D.I.S.Kg. Sultan Hamengku Buwono X has 5 main-departments to manage all karaton activities.

Abdi Dalem/Court-employee

It has many court-employees to cope with various engagements in the fields of ritual, tradition, art and culture, social etc.

The court-employees (Abdi Dalem) are consist of courtiers / court-descendants and ordinary people who work for the Karaton.

There are Abdi Dalem, permanent employees who have received letter of assignment from the Sultan and there are also Abdi Dalem Magang – Intern / candidate employee for one year, before receiving letter of assignment.

Besides, there are Abdi Dalem Norokaryo, in fact they are not court-employees. They work for the Karaton for certain purposes only. There are 2 kind of jobs in Karaton.

  1. Tepas / administrative
    Their daily working hours is from 10.00 a.m. to 0.30 p.m. , except holidays
  2. Caos Bekto to the Sultan / operational
    All employees from category Punakawan and those who are outside the Karaton, in a certain time have to make audience to the Sultan, showing loyalty to Karaton’s leadership.


  1. Perintah Hageng Karaton
    Officer – in – charge : Drs. G.B.P.H. Poeger

  2. Kawedanan Hageng Sri Wandowo
    Officer – in – charge : G.B.P.H. Joyokusumo

    Taking care for court family matters, Pinces, Princesses, court-descendants also for the important places such as the Great mosque, Imogiri and Kotagede cemeteries, the Retreats of Dlepih, Banglampir, Beton etc.

  3. Kawedanan Hageng Punokawan
    Officer – in – charge : G.B.P.H. Hadiwinoto, for Kawedanan Hageng Punokawan Purarakso.
    Deputy : G.B.P.H. H. Yudhaningrat

    Kawedanan Hageng Punokawan Kridomardowo (artists, wayang, gamelan etc) : Drs. G.B.P.H. H. Yudhaningrat
    Kawedanan Hageng Punokawan Widyobudoyo (among other ceremonies) : G.B.P.H. Prabukusumo

  4. Tepas
    With administrative duties in different fields, a.o. Tourism, Karaton Soldiers etc.

  5. Bebadan
    Officer – in – charge : G.B.P.H. Prabukusumo

The foundations

  • Habirando : Organizing Course for Dalang-wayang puppet master
  • Witandoro : Social affairs
  • Museum

Joglosemar Online is grateful to Drs. G.B.P.H. H. Yudhaningrat for the information.

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