Nakula and Sadewa

The twin brothers, Nakula and Sadewa were the fourth and the fifth Pendawa, the sons of Pandu Dewanata and Dewi Madrim, the younger sister of Prabu Salya, the king of Mandaraka.

They had never seen their father as when they were born his father had died. Soon their mother died too, at young age. Even their elder brothers were over protective toward them, they were not spoiled. Same as their brothers they became true ksatrias, wise, honest and good in martial arts especially with the swords. (see Mahabarata, Baratayuda, The Kingdoms of Hastinapura and Amarta).

They fought bravely during the Baratayuda. Only with their help, King Salya-the chief-warrior of Hastinapura could be quicker eliminated.

Nakula’s court domain was Sawojajar. Sadewa had a padepokan/spiritual retreat-Bumi Retawu. As a result of his solemn spiritual deeds he became a Satrio Pinandito. With his powerful spiritual strength, he was able to release Betari Durga from her punishment. Sadewa helped her to gain back her true consciousness, she became again Dewi Uma, the wife of Betara Guru. After the Baratayuda, honoring King Salya’s wish, they became rulers of Mandaraka.

Suryo S. Negoro

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