This column should introduce the people of Yogyakarta and Central Java with remarkable reputation in various fields such as in art and culture, business, bureaucracy, education, literature, psychic, sport, science, tradition, etc.


Almost every publication in Java, Indonesia such as newspapers, magazines, have a special column for psychic under different titles : Zodiacs, Paranormal Prediction, Spiritual Consultation, etc.

Nowadays, in this modern era, the service of psychics seems to becoming more and more popular. Some famous psychics live in Yogyakarta and Central Java. This is to introduce several of them.


go to Gembong pageIr RMH Gembong Danudiningrat

Mr. Gembong Danudiningrat with his fantastic ability is currently Vice Chairman of International Association of Parapsychology, with the head quarters in Nantes - France and at the same time advisor to the Foundation of Indonesian Paranormal Brotherhood (LIPPI).



got to Princess GRA Brotodiningrat pagePrincess Gusti Raden Ayu Brotodiningrat

From the many "Piyayi Sepuh" (Old people) means people possesing supernatural ability, GR Ay. Brotodiningrat, a princess of Solo, a daughter of the late King Sri Pakubuwono X, has a quite reputation, recognized with respect by other psychics of Solo & Central Java.



go to Mas Dian pageMas Dian

A famous expert of Feng Shui (Geomancy), an ancient Chinese knowledge showing that a man has to live in harmony with the nature.





go to Ki Empu Djeno Harumbrodjo pageKi Empu Djeno Harumbrodjo

The only EMPU – The Maestro of classical KERIS making in Java



go to K.R.T. Wasitodiningrat page K.R.T. Wasitodiningrat (Pak Cokro)

The Maestro of Karawitan (singing accompanied by Javanese gamelan music orchestra)



go to H. Karkono Kamajaja Partokusumo page H. Karkono Kamajaya Partokusumo

Expert of Javanese Literature



go to DR. AM. Hermien Kusmayati page DR. AM. Hermien Kusmayati

a long time lecturer of ISI - Institute of the Arts, Indonesia, Yogyakarta



go to Mulyono Mulyono

In the royal palace – Karaton of Yogyakarta, a 62 year old man is dancing steadily following the melody of live gamelan music, sometimes slow, other time fast and dynamic. He does dance quite impressive, he has a good endurance despite his age. No wonder, he is Pak (father) Mulyono, an old-crack Javanese classical dancer from Sasminta Mardowo Foundation, Pujokusuman, Yogyakarta.




go to G.R.Ay. Koes Moertiyah Wirobhumi pageG.R.Ay. Koes Moertiyah Wirobhumi

This Princess is the daughter of Sri Susuhunan Pakoe Boewono XII of Kraton Surakarta. It is her firm wish to preserve Javanese Art and Culture, notably the court ones. That’s the reason, she did not hesitate to be a University Graduate with the subject of Javanese Literature.

go to R.M.T. Ronosuripto pageR.M.T. Ronosuripto

He has been working in the Netherlands (1970 – 1980) in the Ministry of Culture (C.R.M). His cultural background at his hometown in Solo and his experience as Javanese art teacher of dance and gamelan in Bandung, have made him invited to spread his knowledge in the country of windmills.

go to Bambang Harsrinuksmo pagethe late Bambang Harsrinuksmo

Expert of Keris and Wayang from Prambanan



go to Farida Oetoyo pageFarida Oetoyo

People know her as the successful General Manager of Gedung Kesenian Jakarta (GKJ)-Jakarta Art Building and the Director of Sumber Cipta Dance School and Kreativität Dance Indonesia.

go to Moertidjono pageMoertidjono

Murtidjono, an artist with creative idea, since 1981 is the Director of Taman Budaya Surakarta – T.B.S, Surakarta Cultural Center, an official professional position directly involved in the fields of art and culture which to some extent matched with his call of life.




(Suryo S. Negoro)

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