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The Show Must Go On

Working visit to SeoulWho does not know this active and symphatetic lady of Solo? She is a famous figure, "une femme célèbrée" in Indonesia's art activities.

Her name is always connected with reputable art performances in the country. But her show is not an ordinary one, it is a show with high artistical quality.

People know her as the successful General Manager of Gedung Kesenian Jakarta (GKJ)-Jakarta Art Building and the Director of Sumber Cipta Dance School and Kreativität Dance Indonesia.

A Born Artist
Since her early childhood, the little girl Farida loves dancing very much. She realized her love by learning ballet at the age of 9 in the school of "Fine Art of Movements" Singapore.

Then, she learned from Australian Barbara Todd, when she was given a change to perform at stage in 1953 in Albert Hall Theater, Canberra.

Her life as professional dancer started "too early" when she was only a sweet seventeen girl. But certainly it was her natural way to enter the world of professional dancer. Her father, Mr. Oetoyo, one of the most Indonesian Senior Diplomats passed away in previous year. Farida in her deep sadness, determined whole heartedly to challenge her future by joining "Ballet der Lage Landen" in Amsterdam.

Meeting Crown Prince of Japan with fellow artistsDuring 1956-1958, her entire activities was with the dance group, performing repertoirs of classical ballets in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. 25 days per month for two consecutive years. Farida was longing to her fatherland, she returned to Indonesia to teach ballet for 2 years.

From 1961-1965 she got a scholarship to study at the world famous dance school - The Bolshoi Academy of Classical Ballet, in Moscow, where she graduated "Cumlaude" as Artist of Ballet. Back again in Jakarta, she became a lecture in LPKJ - Jakarta Art Foundation and the Head of Dance Committee of DKJ - Jakarta Art Council.

In 1973-1974 with the sponsorship of Fullbright Foundation, she studied dance technique at Marta Graham, Merce Cunningham and Alvin Nicolais, New York. Farida Oetoyo has created some choreographies among other: Loro Jonggrang, Rama and Sinta, Carmina Burama, Putih Putih (white-white). The explosion of Mt. Agung, Carmien, Maniera and The choice of Sinta etc.

Film Star
In the early of 1980, she appeared in the film business. She was starring quite successfully some national films. Some of her films among other: Palupi, A Virgin in the South sector etc. Her short appearance in films, has make her more known by the public. But, Farida, did not continue her activities in film as she later on confessed: "It is not my piece of cake, although it is interesting".

Dance Activities
Her dance talent is a natural gift. She is quite aware that she could attain her dream only by learning, exercises and practices in the right and correct way. That's why she had spent a lot of time by learning hard with dance gurus and schools with international reputation.

In order to improve her dance proficiency when she was a lecturer at Jakarta Art Foundation, she made dance excercices together with other famous dancers such as Huriah Adam (the late), Sardono W. Kusumo, Sentot Sudiarto, Yulianti Parani etc.
She established a dance school 'Sumber Cipta' and a dance group 'Kreativität Dance Indonesia' as a realization of her deep commitment to dance world. ' Sumber Cipta' with its own building in South Jakarta at present has 250 youngsters learning ballet. In the same premises, there are two Balinese dance schools (Jl. Kartika Pinang SH 19, Pondok Indah, Jakarta 12310 - Indonesia)

In 1997, with a strong wish to push the development of Indonesian comptemporair art dance, Kreativität Dance-Indonesia was established together with younger choreographers of Sumber Cipta (Chendra Effendy and Yudistira Syuman). The dance group has some distinguished young dancers such as Aprida D, Mira Tedja, Sita K. and Christine Tjahyono.

The founders of Kreativität Dance-Indonesia with their motto "not to create something but to discover something" wish to contribute something significant for the art dance development in the country. Moreover they hope could be an integral part of Indonesia's cultural life in the future.

The group has a strong team of management consisting a.o. of: Teguh Ostenrink, Linda Hoemar and Jaby Philippi as Public Relation Officer.

Public Figure
Ms. Farida Oetoyo with her background and vivid activities is one of the most outstanding public figure in the country. She greets nicely all visitors coming to her office. She works enthusiastically and professionally with utmost devotion in the her world of arts.

Email : gkj@pacific.net.id

( Suryo S. Negoro )

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