Princess Gusti Raden Ayu Brotodiningrat

From the many "Piyayi Sepuh" (Old people) means people possesing supernatural ability, GR Ay. Brotodiningrat, a princess of Solo, a daughter of the late King Sri Pakubuwono X, has a quite reputation, recognized with respect by other psychics of Solo & Central Java.
The princess in her 81 years af age, is a mother of 5 (five) adult sons & a daughter, she has 12 (twelve) grandchildren, and now she is a great grandmother.
And what is her appearance?
At her age, she is a great lady with dignity, showing inner natural beauty.

The Surakarta princess confesses proudly that she is also a Yogyanese as her mother was from Yogyakarta, she is also related to Mangkunegaran palace family as her late husband was a courtier of Mangkunegaran,
How does she keep her health & charm ?
It remains secret of her own which probably related to her way of life.


In her house at 21, Jalan (street) Bima, Surakarta, she gives advices & consultation for any problem of life to those who need her service. She said that she is not a pyschic but a pandito (priest) who helps to give light.
The sincere princess is happily helping people, her door is always widely opened, she also writes some books of several topics of course influenced by her ability as a psychic.

From time to time, she is visiting the holy graveyards of her ancestors, cleans the places and in case of necessity restore them if there is any damage and for that purpose she pays from her own pocket.

Spiritually, Gusti Brotodiningrat is very close with her ancestors, and one of them is the late King Pakubuwono VI, who has" inspired" her to live in the house where she is living now. This place, the old name was kampung (village) Selembaran was the place where the late King donated some money to Prince Diponegoro of Yogyakarta in his war agaiust the Dutch oolonialism 1825-1830

For his underground activities the late Pakubuwono VI was exiled to Ambon. One of the secret meeting the King & the prince was in KRENDO WAHONO (around 12 Km north of Solo city)

The process of supernatural ability

Since her early childhood in Kraton Surakarta, she lived in tight discipline set by the Kraton The palace garden was her place to solemnly pray to.God during the night. Self-denial and a lot of pray for many years, was the way how she got her supernatural power.

(Suryo S. Negoro)


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