The Kingdom of Alengka


The first founder of Alengka Kingdom was a giant – King Banjaranjali

Dasamuka, the ogre-King giant was powerful, selfish, looking only for power. In Javanese teaching he represents the lust of Anger (Amarah)

The other lusts are:

  • Greedy for food (Aluamah) illustrated by Kumbakarna
  • Greedy for material wealth (Supiyah) illustrated by Sarpakenaka
  • Have no spirit / willingness (Mutmainah) illustrated by Wibisono

Dewi Sinta, the wife of King Rama, in fact was Rahwana’s daughter, but he did not aware. When the beautiful Sinta was born, Wibisono the wise Ksatria knew thru his mystical feeling, That Sinta should become his own father’s victim due to her perfect beauty. She was the incarnation of Dewi Sri, the wife of god Wisnu (god of life). He saved her by throwing her out in a river. Then she was saved by King Janaka of Mantili and adopted her as her own daughter.

Wibisono, with his magical power, with heaven’s approval, created a boy from the cloud (Mega). So the boy’s name was Megananda (created of cloud), his other name was Indrajid.

In the battle against Rama’s army, Dasamuka was supported by Sarpakenaka. The other two brothers were against the wrong deed of Dasamuka. Finally, Dasamuka was killed in a duel against Rama, by using his powerful arrow, Guwawijaya, the destroyer of evil.

Dasamuka, having the supernatural spell, Pancasona was very difficult to be killed, everytime his dead body touched the land, he survived. To made him die definitely, his body was pressed with a mountain by Anoman.

The spirit of Dasamuka became a King in Tawang Gantungan by the name of King/Prabu Godayitma (Goda = temptation). This spirit, joined by the spirits of his sons, who were all dead in the war against Rama’s force, always tempted the family of Pendawa.

Kumbakarna was heroically killed in the war defending his country not his evil brother. He was very angry after being told that his sons were already dead in the battle. He could not resist Rama’s heirloom-arrows, he lost his hands and legs but he still fought bravely. Wibisono could not see his brother’s agony. He asked Rama to end the life of Kumbakarna with perfect death, as in fact he was a honest man. Rama, the incarnator of Wisnu, prayed to God to receive Kumbakarna soul in heaven, then shot his arrow Guwawijaya. The Goddesses picked up Kumbakarna soul to enter the heaven.

Sarpakenaka was killed by Laksmana, the brother of Rama by shooting his arrow. She was dead after Anoman, pulled-out her long nails. These long nails were the secret of her power.

Wibisono had become Rama’s advisor, for the sake of real truth. He was honest, polite, charming and wise Ksatria – knight – warrior. After the death of Dasamuka, he became the ruler of Alengka until his old age. During his rule, he was guided by Hasta Brata, 8 principes taught by Rama. He left the palace and lived as an ascetic. When his time came, he was Mokswa (the body and the soul disappear together) and he returned to heaven. The King of Alengka was his son, Bisawarna.

Suryo S. Negoro

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