STSI Surakarta

Higher Education of the Arts, Indonesia Surakarta.

The history of STSI Surakarta can not be separated with the existence since July 15, 1964 of ASKI (Academy of Conservatory). At that time, Surakarta or Solo as the stronghold of Javanese Art and Culture need a formal education Academy to preserve traditional art.

The positive response from the society, consisted of many prominent artists and cultural experts, the life style of the majority of Solonese practicing traditional rituals and ceremonies, the existence of two Karatons as the centers of high valuable art and culture, are the pushing power to realize the establishment of more solid Institute of the Arts in Surakarta.

In 1988, this noble idea and hard work have been granted by the birth of STSI Surakarta. The tasks of STSI now is consolidating its function and role to preserve, conserve and innovate traditional arts.

The Programs of Study

At present, STSI has 4 departments, namely:

  1. Karawitan (conservatory of gamelan music)
    1. Graduate Degree S1, Bachelor of Arts + in Karawitan.
    2. Graduate Degree S1, Bachelor of Arts + in Ethno Musicology
    3. Diploma (D3) Course in Karawitan

  2. Shadow Puppet Theatre (Dalang)
    Graduate Degree S1, Bachelor of Arts + in Wayang Puppetry.

  3. Dance
    1. Graduate Degree S1, Bachelor of Arts + in Dance
    2. Diploma (D3) Course in Dance

  4. Fine Arts
    1. Graduate Degree S1, Bachelor of Arts + in Fine Arts
    2. Diploma (D3) course in Technical Arts
    3. Diploma (D3) course in Stage Management


To support its educational program and goals currently STSI Surakarta has the following facilities:

  • Library with 30.000 books of about 17.000 Titles. This year another 7.500 books should be purchased.
  • A large collection of audio-visual of world music.
  • 2 Theatre buildings of international standard.
  • 2 Pendapas (one big and one small outdoor theatre)
  • 15, three storey buildings for lectures
  • 2, three storey buildings for administration purposes
  • Instruments:

Gamelan : 10 sets of Javanese Gamelan slendro and Pelog special gamelan sets of Sekaten, Kodok Ngorek, Monggang and Corobalen.

Musical instruments : West Java (Degung), West Sumatra, East Java (Banyuwangi) and Calun from Bamboo of Banyumas.

STSI Surakarta has more than 200 lecturers, included 3 Ph.D, 26 M. A. and the rest are S1 graduates. Right from the very beginning, STSI considers the Empus (experts) of Karatons/Palaces of Solo and Yogyakarta as gurus in the related art and culture. It has this year 900 students and there are 20 foreign students from Europe, Japan and U.S.A.

Art Participation

STSI participates in various academic and art activities locally and abroad such as: national composers camp, National Composers competition, Asian flagship Vayage, Borobudur Festival, BBC promenade concert etc.

It holds international seminars and festivals regularly. It has sent art missions to many parts of the world: Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Europe, America, and Africa.

Some famous figures of STSI among other are:
Conservatory experts : Dr. Rahayu Supanggah, I Wayan Sudra, A. Suwardi.
Choreographers : Wahyu Santoso Prabowo, Sunarno, Pamardi
Puppet Master : Purbo Asmoro.

The Ketua (Chairmain) of STSI Surakarta since 1997 is: Dr. Rahayu Supanggah

Assisted by 4 Assistants of Chairman (P.K):
P.K. I (academic) : Sumanto M.A.
P.K. II (Administration and Finance) : Waridi M.A.
P.K. III (Student affairs) : I Nyoman Chaya M.A.
P.K. IV (Planning, Cooperation with other parties) : Rustopo M.A.

Registration of New Students

At the Academic Administration Building, Kampus STSI Surakarta
Jalan Ki Hajar Dewantara 19
Kentingan, Jebres
Surakarta 57126
Central Java, Indonesia
Phone. 62 271. 47658 fax 62 271. 46175

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(Suryo S. Negoro)

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