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Karaton Surakarta Hadiningrat as one of the eldest Center of Javanese art and Culture opens its doors widely to be admired by local and international visitors. The royal art performance, almost all traditional ceremonies and rituals preserved with honor and pride by the courtiers, nowadays also can be enjoyed by the society.

"Donít look only at the outer physical form of Karaton Surakarta Hadiningrat, but you should understand and carry-out its deep symbolic doctrines to be a guidance to your life."said the late Sri Pakoe Boewono X, a King having great authoritative bearing.

The ex-wounds of fire disaster in 1985, which burnt down 70% of palace building, are at present completely erased. All of them, have been reconstructed accordingly and become really beautiful Karaton. All court functions can be conducted elegantly with utmost care.

The inauguration of the magnificient royal style Sasono Hondrowino in the end of 1997, a pendopo/ hall where royal banquets are organized, has pushed stronger the awakening of cultural activities in Surakarta Palace. Thatís the reason why this hall is using the color of violet, in Javanese language is "Wungu". It also means to awake.

The court family of Karaton Surakarta has strengthened its management team, consisting of the old loyal officers and the children of the Sunan Pakoe Boewono XII, to take a good care and exposure of the court potentiality.

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(Suryo S. Negoro)

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