The acronyme of Sentras reflects the general rule of the Perguruan.

S  for Sabar/patient, able to control emotion of anger, happiness and sadness. Its a strong defense against inner power attack.

E  for Eling/conscious, always remember of the Gods blessing to be always safe and healthy.

N  for Narima, accepts the training step by step, as humanbeing has limited capacity.

T  for Teguh/firm, with firm belief and discipline to do the trainings

R  for Rahayu/safe, as said in the pray before every training a Sentras member shall have an inner feeling aroused when something dangerous is coming.

A  for Andap Asor/low profile, never boasting his/her skill or ability.

S  for Sekti/the prayer shall be heard by God in relatively short time.

Sentras has 4 levels of training:

  1. Awakening of Power
  2. Mastering of Power
  3. Developing of Power
  4. Implementing of Power

The duration of each level is 2,5 months. The essential method of the Perguruan is:

To train the inner power thru specific breathing and Jurus: Sentras has 5 basic Jurus. All members have to believe in God. It is their duty to do anything in a good and correct manner for the benefit of mankind.

After graduation of 4th level, a member is ready to become

A Pendekar Muda

(Pendekar fighter, master of martial arts Muda - young, junior)

Some years latter, depend entirely of his/her capacity, he/she can be a Pendekar.

Graduation Ceremony

On April 29, 1998, a graduation ceremony took place in Pak Sutris resident in Yogyakarta. 30 members from different levels graduated. So far Sentras has graduated 1024 members. The graduation opened by its chairman MR. NIESBY SABAKINGKIN, who is Secretary General of IBETADO and Secretary General of LIPPI (The Foundation of Indonesian Paranormal Brotherhood).

The ritual Jamasan (soul cleansing) was led by MR. Muhammad Mudzakir the Gurur Besar (besar = great) who is also a psychic, with his famous name Mas Bakir (Mas = brother). On top of a big brazier with burning charcoals, 4 big iron knives were burnt until became red due to very high temperature.

Following the Javanese spells, said by Guru Besar and repeated by the graduates, all the graduates licked the hot metal 8 times, the first graduates licked the burning knife 15 times. After that they were given some fruit, among other to test that their tongues were all right. Then, they drank a cup of water, as a sign of absorbing the teaching.

All of them, have convincedly followed the ritual, no one hesitated. Inner power is mysterious but it does exist. Just like electrical current in the wires, it can not be seen with bare eyes, but it gives power.

Supernatural Power

Besides inner power, supernatural power could be given to the members. The one who is authorized to give supernatural power in Sentras is the Guru Besar. The power which could be given among other:

  1. Plekah Bumi, gives immunity against animal poison as snakes, scorpions etc. it can cure allergy and infection

  2. Asma, a spell to attack bad people by using inner power.

  3. Brajamusti, a knock down blow and many other things, which can be demonstrated in an exhibition, such as: Invulnerable to blade of knives; with bare foot can walk easily on the blade of a sharp sword; breaking a concrete pole with head; the body is invulnerable to blow of a big hammer; of sharp nails etc.

Sentras has a noble goal, its members could help other people for instance by providing alternative healing, to free someone of being possessed by a spirit. Smooth work in business etc. the ritual Jamasan is important to cleanse from evil spirit attached to the body, such as in hair, skin, flesh, blood, bones, vein and marrow.

To learn the knowledge of Sentras, one has to join Perguruan and follow the training under the guidance of a trainer. In the meantime Sentras has several trainers under MR. Sutan Imran, the training coordinator. Sentras, is a comparatively small but solid organization. It grows a strong family togetherness, pride and brotherhood.

The head quarter of Sentras is: Complex POLRI Gowok B-70 Yogyakarta 55281
Phone 0274 521084, 523550

(Suryo S. Negoro)

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