The Art of Self Defense

Indonesia, since the ancient time has its own style of the art of self defense. Every region and Perguruan (traditional school or club lead by a guru) has their own method of learning and training and technique of movements (Jurus) to absorb the skill and knowledge mentally and physically.

Whatever the Perguruan is, usually they have two kinds of movements to be learned

  1. Basic Jurus/movements: to defend and to attack.
  2. Additional Jurus which is called Kembangan (Kembang lit means flower). It is a variation of movements.

It is not used for combat, it is demonstrated in exhibition combining basic Jurus and Jurus Kembangan, as a kind of dance with movements of self defense. In fact there are two kinds art of self defense in this country.

  1. Self defense, practicing mainly with physical movements. There are many Perguruans/clubs, under the umbrella of IPSI (Ikatan Pencak Silat Indonesia - Association of Pencak Silat/self defense of Indonesia), with Head Quarter in Jakarta.
  2. Self defense practicing with the strengths of inner power, under the umbrella of IBETADO (Ikatan Beladiri Tenaga Dalam Indonesia Association of self defense by practicing inner power of Indonesia) with Head Quarter in Yogyakarta.

In this occasion, the topic is an inner power self defense group by the name of Sentras currently one of 29 active members of IBETADO, which has a total of 55 members of different Perguruans.

Among other:

  • Sentras
  • Satria Nusantara
  • Naga Prana Indonesia
  • Melati putih
  • Yoga Kundalini
  • Honggo Dento, etc.

(Suryo S. Negoro)

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