The Karaton's Heirlooms

In the ancient time, the heirlooms were considered very important. The kings and the Karatons were believed to have excellent collection of heirlooms.
They are the symbol of power, authority and dignity of traditional Rulers.

As in the Wayang story, heirlooms were only given by powerful BATARA/Gods as Guru or Wisnu to Satria/warriors with good conduct to accomplish a good action. That kind of PUSAKAS are considered as sacred.

In the kirab Pusaka (Heirloom procession), the King himself should decide, which Pusakas should be paraded. It depends to the purpose of the procession and the situation, the siraman Pusaka (Heirlooms cleansing) in the palaces are internal events. It is only attended and done by the Rulers of the Karatons and their assigned abdi dalem (employees).

It is worth to know that a good weapon-heirloom, either a Keris, a spear or a sword (especially the old ones) is a masterpiece, created by an Empu. It must be well maintained by cleaning it from time to time to prevent corrosion. This is the way to preserve the high value of ancient cultural heritage.

(to be more informed, interested parties are advised to read articles of Keris, Gamelan, the Karatons of Surakarta, Yogyakarta, Mangkunagaran and Pakualaman) here under are some Karatons heirlooms, populer to Javanese art lovers:

(Suryo S. Negoro)

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