Heirlooms From Karaton Surakarta

  1. Kanjeng Kyai Baru
    A prime Pusoko, which is always been cleaned by the King himself.

  2. Kanjeng Kyai Slamet

  3. Kanjeng Kyai Brekat

  4. Kanjeng Kyai Kertaraharja

  5. Kanjeng Kyai Batok
    They are usually paraded during 1st Suro are meant to bring safety and prosperity to the Karaton, to the people and the country, together with the Buffalos Kanjeng Kyai Slamet.

  6. Kanjeng Kyai Moyosiro
    In the form of a stick.
    It was usually used by Sri Sunan Pakubuwono X against evil influence

  7. Kanjeng Kyai Sorojondro
    A special 8 angles spear-weapon with some arrows (Soro) which can be Turned (Jondro).
    There are golden writing in Arabic and Javanese characters.

  8. Kanjeng Kyai Beri
    A gong to be used in wars.

  9. Kanjeng Kyai Gudo
    A large metal vessel for steaming rice. It was used to cook rice by Sri Sunan Pakubuwono X himself, every eight year.
    The result: a small portion of rice can satisfy everyone eats it.

  10. Kanjeng Kyai Grudo
    This carriage was used, the last time by Sri Pakubuwono II when be moved the Karaton from Kartosuro to Surakarta in February 17, 1745.

  11. Kanjeng Kyai Rojomolo

A ship used by Sri Pakubuwono IV, sailing and from Madura thru the River/Bengawan Solo to fetch his wife.

(Suryo S. Negoro)


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