Heirlooms From Puro Mangkunagaran

  1. Kanjeng Kyai Hageng Tambur
    In the form of a Drum.
    It was used during the struggle of Prince Sambernyowo/K.G.P.AA Mangkunagara I, started in Mangadeg area. The sound of the Tambur could give image that Prince Sambernyowo’s troop was much bigger then the reality. So it discouraged the enemy.

  2. Kanjeng Kyai Hageng Poh Jenggi
    In the form of: looks like a coconut

  3. Kanjeng Kyai Galaganjur
    In the form of: a BENDE (smaller Gong). It was used to jeopardize the Dutch colonial forces (KUMPENI) by Prince Sambernjowo, who personally led the war.

  4. Nyai Dhenok and Mbok Roro Sumyang
    In the form of: Dandang, large metal vessel for steaming rice.
    Both big rice-cookers were used by Prince Sambernjowo’s troop to cook rice during the war. The dandangs were magical. They could supply all necessary rice to be consumed by all Prince Sambernjowo’s warrious and folowers, even in the large amount. The dandang would not empty until everybody had taken enough rice.

  5. The Gamelan set, especially carabalen Kyai Baswara, with its gong by the name of Kyai DUDHABANGSONG. It stimulated Prince Sambernjowo’s/troop with unusual courage during the war.

Some Pusakas of Puro Mangkunagaran are placed in the village of Nglaroh, Selagiri, Wonogiri. The names are:

  1. Kanjeng Kyai TOTOG
  2. Kanjeng Kyai Baladewa
  3. Kanjeng Kyai Karawelang

(Suryo S. Negoro)


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