Along with the national development of Indonesia, the island of paradise on the equator, the regions of JOGLOSEMAR acronym of Jogyakarta, Solo and Semarang, "The golden triangle" of Jogyakarta and Central Java shall be developed economically whilst preserving its precious culture and nature, avoiding environmental damages.

For Indonesian especially Javanese, people who value highly the symbols of live, as seen in their old age culture and tradition, "name is important". It is symbolizing something. It is contrary to the western opinion "What is in a name".

JOGLO is a traditional Javanese mansion, it is a big house with a large garden. Usually owned by royal families or richer people. It is a square house with four principal pillars in the middle of the pendopo. The mansion consists of three main parts, namely :

1. The front part is pendopo, a place to receive guests. It is spacious, usually a set of gamelan (traditional musical instruments) placed here.
2. The middle part is pringgitan. Ringgit means wayang, so the wayang performance is held here.
3. The back part is ndalem, a family quarter consists of three sentong (rooms) - the left, the middle (petanen) and the right sentong. In front of the middle room, two wooden statues (male and female) by name of Loro Blonyo are standing as the symbols of prosperity and harmony. In the wedding ceremony, the bride and bridegroom are seated here. The selected heirlooms (pusaka) of family are kept also in dalem. The keris (daggers) are arranged in a special cupboard, the tumbak (spears) stand vertically on the wooden-stand. The GANDOK (pavillions) and PAWON (kitchen) are on the right and left side of the dalem and well connected.

Traditional ornaments are important for a joglo mansion symbolizing some wishes of the dwellers. The ornaments are carved or painted to some parts of the house, to name a few are :
Praba : looks like a wing, symbolizing a shine of life.
Putri Mirong : backside of a woman, symbolizing holiness.
Lung-lungan : plants and flowers (like jasmine and lotus), symbolizing sacred life.
Tlacapan : a row of triangles, symbolizing brightness and greatness.
Gurda or Garuda : a kind of hawk, symbolizing protection. It becomes Indonesia's coat of arm.

Naga : a dragon is also a protector, but dragon must always stand nearby Garuda, because sometimes naga has a bad behavior.
Panah or arrows from eight directions : to resist bad influence or attack.
Jago : a cock, powerful man, ready to fight.
Makuto : a crown, means well protected.
Gunungan : a mountain, a house decorated by gunungan is blessed by god, so the dwellers could live peacefully.

Sometimes in the front yard (on the left side) there is a sumur (well). It is an old tradition, that guests should wash themselves properly clean, so they should meet and talk to the host with a clean heart (honesty).

As a conclusion, joglo is a mansion where the dwellers could live peacefully and prosperously with dignity, well protected from evil deeds and blessed by God Almighty. Normal daily life, social, cultural and spiritual activities could be carried out safely.

SEMAR, a famous and faithful ponokawan (servant) escorting the ksatrias of Pandawa to fight for justice and truth. Although a servant, in fact Semar is the elder brother of Guru, the supreme god. Panokawan means a wise companion (kindly see the sub-title Wayang Kulit or Leather Puppet under the section of SEMAR and other PONOKAWANS)

It is our hope, the name JOGLOSEMAR could bless the region of people of Jogyakarta - Solo - Semarang to live in prosperity materially and spiritually


The present regions of JOGLOSEMAR is more or less the same regions under the sovereignty of both Mataram kingdoms, The Hindu Javanese kingdom of the 8th century and the Islam Javanese kingdom born in the 15th century (kindly refer to sub-titles The MATARAM KINGDOM and ROYAL PALACES). The Mataram kingdom had given a very valuable and fantastic heritage in the form of magnificent temple monuments, ancient palaces as well as precious culture, tradition and way of thinking and life.

Mataram is from the words of mata and arum. Mata means eyes, vision and arum means fragrance as perfume or famous. So, Mataram is a country where its people had a vision to accomplish some actions perfectly for the progress of mankind. The precious words of vision and action are still relevant nowadays, in the era of information and globalization.

JOGLOSEMAR is interelated with Mataram, we hope all the best for JOGLOSEMAR.

(Suryo S. Negoro)

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