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"What could I give to the society?" asked the late K.G.P.A.A. Paku Alam VIII on the occasion of his 90th birthday according to Javanese calendar in front of familiesí audience. He was born on the 10th of the month of Mulud, 1841 or April 10, 1910.

The society and the people of Yogyakarta were grateful to the God Almighty for blessing Sri Paku Alam VIII, which was also the Acting Governor of Yogyakarta special Region a long and healthy life and career dedicated to the people. He has been coronated as K.G.P.A.A. Paku Alam VIII in 1937. Since the Independence of the Republic of Indonesia in 1945, he was actively fighting in the Republican side against the occupation forces of the Netherlands.

As a sign of recognition, the Republic of Indonesia has granted a special regioní status to Yogyakarta Kingdom together with Pakualaman principality, with the late Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono IX (passed away in 1986) and the late Sri Paku Alam VIII (passed away in September 1998) respectively as Governor and Vice Governor of Yogyakarta Special Region (equal to province, Indonesia has at present 27 provinces). From the family meeting, he decided to give a present to Yogyakarta society in the form of Wayang Kulit (shadow puppet) Performance.

In the night of August 2, 1997, wayang shows were performed simultanously in the city of Yogyakarta and in the other four regencies of the region. The story was Babad Alas Mertani (the cleaning of Mertanií jungle) by the Pendawas to build the Kingdom of Ngamarta, a just and prosperous country under King Judistira.

It was also to remember the building of Mataram Kingdom started with the cleaning of Mentaok jungle. The building of a country is not only physically, but more important is the mental and spiritual aspects. In a refined Javanese way, he would like to give an example as a leader-sheperd of a good and correct governance. The government was not managed like it should be at that time, not in accordance with the culture of man as a creature.

In the related ceremony in August 3, 1997, a Bedaya Renyep, sacred dance was performed. Renyep means beautiful or very bright. The gamelan music accompaniment (gendhing) was Raras Slendro Pathet Sanga wishes to say: an old man in his late age, gives an advice to the younger generation or those who shall succeed him on how to conduct a correct life. Treat all people justly, and the real essence of development goal is to elevate the level value of people.

Puro Pakualaman is in mourning now, the wise, Sri Paku Alam VIII, the fighter of independence, passed away last month. Yogyakarta and the country have lost one of the best sons. Honoring the tradition of Pakualaman court family, they will decide entirely upon their own choice, who should be coronated as K.G.P.A.A. Paku Alam IX.

The Javanese arts and cultures, the most valuable heritage of Pakualaman dynasty are preserved and developed in Puro Pakualaman. The late Sri Paku Alam VIII was very pleased, if he met foreign people played very well Javanese gamelan. That is the way how culture should be appreciated. To those who appreciate the value of culture, he would be happy to welcome them to visit Puro.

It is sincerely hoped that his would be successor the newly throned K.G.P.A.A. Paku Alam IX, should continue his wise policy by opening more widely the door of cultural appreciation.

Political ally

The late Sri Paku Alam VIII was always a closed ally to the late Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono IX. They fought hands-in-hands against the colonialist. In 1942, both leaders worked in the same office building in Kepatihan Danurejan. It was the office and residence of Patih (First Minister) Danurejo of Karaton Yogyakarta. Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono IX, erased the Patih position, so that he could make direct contact with all his sub-ordinates, as well as with the foreign rulers.

In September 5, 1945, they issued their famous statements paving the way to the present status as Yogyakarta Special Region. When the capital of Indonesia, was temporary moved to Yogyakarta (1946-1949), awaiting the preparation of accommodation, the first President of Indonesia, Ir. Soekarno and his family stayed in Puro Pakualaman.

The position of Yogyakarta as special Region give them right to become Governor and Vice Governor for life. The alliance between Karaton Yogyakarta and Kadipaten Pakualaman does not stop for the sake of the safety of the country. In this era of reformation, once again both court houses, represented by Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono X and K.G.P.A.A. Paku Alam VIII, on Wednesday Kliwon, Mei 20, 1998 or in Javanese calendar Suro 23, 1931 have issued a joint declaration (Maklumat) to support the reformation movement and to strengthen national leadership which favors the people side.

The Maklumat was read clearly and firmly by Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono X in Pagelaran, North Square witnessed by several hundred thousands of people. This correct and peaceful move, together with people and student movements, have forced the second President of the country to resign. Sri Paku Alam VIII, has paved the way to the appointment of Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono X as the new Governor of the Yogyakarta Special Region.


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