The New Era

Implementing the wish of the people, a general election participated by 48 political parties has been organized in June, 1999.

As a result thereof, several parties got significant seats in the Houses and some are not successful. The successful parties are namely: 1. PDI-P (Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle) with more than 33% of votes 2. Golkar Party 3. PPP. 4. PKB. 5. PAN. 6. PBB. 7. PK and other 14 smaller parties.

The DPR (Parliament)
It consists of 500 members, 462 members are directly elected by the people, 38 members are from the Armed Forces and Police Forces.

The MPR (The People's Consultative Assembly)
It has 700 members, consisting of:

  • 500 members of parliament.
  • 200 members, representing regional

representatives (135 members) and interest groups representing a.o. : workers, farmers, enterprenuers, religious leaders etc (35 members). The regional representatives are appointed by Provincial Councils (DPR of each province), whereas the functional representatives are appointed by the Election Committee (KPU).

The amendment of constitution
Some parts of the 1945 constitution have been amended to meet with people's demand toward democracy. The positions of President and Vice President of the country are limited to 2 terms of office only, which mean 10 years at the most.

The MPR's general meeting is organized every year, not every 5 year like previously. In this meeting, the government under The President and Vice President has to present its accountibility.
There are other significant changes, a.o.:
The members of parliament shall be all elected. The President shall be elected directly by the people, not by the MPR anymore, also the members of MPR from regional representatives and interest groups shall be elected directly in the general election.

Indonesia has 26 Provinces
Preciously, the country has 27 provinces. As a result of referendum in East Timor under the U.N. , where78% of its population have voted against autonomy proposed by Indonesian Government, East Timor is not under the sovereignty of Indonesia anymore. (Previously it was a colony of Portugal, in 1976 was integrated into Indonesia by decree of the MPR)

The new President Vice President
The MPR in its sessions, respectively in October 13 & 14, 1999, has elected through voting the new President and Vice President for the period of 1999-2004.

The present President is KH. Abdulrachman Wahid.
The present Vice President is Megawati Sukarnoputri.

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