Mt. Sindoro (3153 M)

The peak of this beautiful mountain is a large terrain with many beautiful flowers – edelweiss and Cantigi. The edelweiss of Sindoro has fragrant smell, so it is called Sundoro, which became the name of this mountain.

peakThe view from this peak is breath taking beauty. Almost all mountain peaks in Central Java can be seen, in the east are Mts. Lawu, Merapi, Merbabu, in the South Mt. Sumbing, in the West Mts Slamet, Dieng Plateau and Ciremai of West Java.


The trekking route to the top is comparatively leisure, that’s why during school-holidays there are a lot of natural-lovers adoring this mountain.

Mountaineering Routes

There are 2 routes to the summit

  1. The Kledung Route
  2. The Sigedang Route

Both are located on the green mountainous area of Temanggung and Wonosobo, on the way up to Dieng Plateau.

Mt. Sindoro and also Mt. Sumbing, they are twin mountains, originated from the same source and period.

The Kledung Route

Located on south slope of the mountain. The base camp address is:

The village of Kledung
District Parakan
Temanggung, Central Java 56254
Mr. Bejo Hasan of Grasindo (Natural Lovers Association)

HotelThere is also Dieng Kledung pass Hotel and restaurant nearby, the room rate is about Rp. 50.000/day

The transportation from Yogya, Semarang and Solo is easy. Take the bus to Wonosobo, get out at Kledung. The cost is about Rp. 5.000,-
From Solo is around Rp. 3.000,- more expensive
From Yogyakarta – Magelang – Secang – Temanggung – Kledung.
From Semarang – Bawen – Secang – Temanggung – Kledung.
From Solo – Bawen – Secang – Temanggung – Kledung
From Solo – Yogyakarta – Secang – Temanggung – Kledung

(The exchange rate of Oct. 16, 1998: US $ 1= Rp. 9.000)

There is modest facility in the base camp. A trekker can take rest, before and after the climbing in the base camp. The registration fee is Rp. 500/person. Guide service Rp. 50.000 per day/group.

The Climbing

The normal time to the peak is 6 to 7 hours, around 7 Km. The route is not to hard, so it is good for beginners.

  1. Trekking thru the farms and forest of Pinus and edelweiss garden, passing 3 shelters, namely Sibajing, Cawang and Seroto.

  2. Before these shelters, there is a place locally named as Watu Gede, after a really big stone. This place is considered as the gate to the Mt. Sindoro. The shelter III has astonishingly picturesque panorama. It’s really splendid!

  3. Straight up to the peak

The society is traditional villagers, preserving their ancestors’ tradition. They would not climb to the peak at the Javanese day of Wage (every five day) it is forbidden.

Every Javanese new year at the 1st of Suro they go for pilgrimage to the ancient abode of Kyai Santri, whom they consider as their ancestor, the first settler in the village. All climbers are requested to behave accordingly. Women who is having period is not allowed to climb.

The Sigedang Route

The base camp is in:
The village of Sigedang
District Kejajar
Wonosobo, Central Java
Contact: Bapak/Mr. Amin

The registration fee is Rp. 500/person

Guide Rp. 50.000/day/group

The base camp has modest facility. Plenty hotels and inns are in the city of Wonosobo. Sigedang is located between Wonosobo and Dieng. It’s 20 Km from Wonosobo and 30 Km from Dieng.

For those who comes from Yogyakarta, Solo or Semarang take the bus to Wonosobo, Dieng and get out at Rejosari.

The bus fare to Wonosobo is approximately Rp. 5.000,-
From Wonosobo to Rejosari with minivan Rp. 1.500,-
From Rejosari to Sigedang with small van Rp. 500,-

The Climbing

It is normally 5 to 6 hours of trekking.

  1. Pass thru tea plantation for one hour.
    There are 3 shelters, used by the tea plantation authority.
  2. Pass thru the forest for another hour
  3. Climb thru savannah to the peak.

The route is the shortest way to the peak, it’s rather steepy and stony, but it is not too hard.

There is dead crater on the top. During and after the rainy season, it is plenty of water which can be used by the mountaineers. The tea plantation is an ideal place for relaxation, enjoying the pure and clean air amidst the greenery.

The people of Sigedang is traditional. They are either farmers or workers of the tea estate. They always make traditional ceremonies on the top of Mt. Sindoro, in the 1st of Javanese Month Suro, 10th of Suro and end of Suro to make pilgrimage to the ancient abode of Kyai Santri, considered as the first shelter of the village.

Every Tuesday Kliwon, no local village shall climb to the peak, it is forbidden traditionally since along time ago.

All mountaineers and visitors to Sindoro are requested to behave politely and should not wear a red stone.


  1. The climbers to those five mountains: Lawu, Merapi, Merbabu, Sumbing and Sindoro are Tono Indroyanto and his friends, students from University of Muhammadiyah, Surakarta. The reports in Indonesian and photos are also made by them.
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