Mountaineering is becoming more and more popular worldwide. Itís a manifestation to campaign "Back to Nature". The magnificent nature supporting the existence of life in this planet.

The panorama in the peaks of the mountains is indeed splendid, extravagante feeling to be close to the clear blue sky. The air is so fresh and pure. This is the real world!

The experience encountered by the mountaineers climbing across different mountains, shows that: The secrets of natural beauty, the existence of ancient tradition of local villagers, co-habitating peacefully since a long-long time ago, is a proof of Natural preservation.

Yogyakarta and Central Java have several mountains to explore, some are volcanoes, with active craters, such as Merapi, Sindoro, Sumbing. But a "sleeping giant", suddenly could emerge, like Mt. Slamet (3481 M) in July 13, 1988.

Nowadays, precautions have been taken to protect the safety of the mountaineers as well as the inhabitants living in their slopes of these mountains.

Anyway, mountaineering is a challenging hobby! Happy climbing!

Mt. Merapi (2968 m)

Mt. Lawu (3265 m)

Mt. Merbabu (3142 m)

Mt. Sindoro (3153 M)

Mt. Sumbing (3371 M)

(Suryo S. Negoro)

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