Arts, Cultures, Rituals and Other Information of Puro Mangkunagaran

Some members of society probably only know that Puro Mangkunagaran is well-known for its cultural preservation, where there is no day in this court mansion without any art and cultural activities. The related programmes are clearly indicated in the calendar of events.

The Mangkunagaran court is aware that maintenance of all sacred heritage – the Puro/Palace, the heirlooms, the gamelans, the wayang kulit (leather puppets), the books and all objects belonged to Mangkunagaran Palace must be conducted at the best responsible manner.

Other prime important heritage which must be conserved, preserved and developed are the arts, cultures, traditions and rituals which are so dear not only to the Mangkunagaran lineage but also to the society and the country as well. This culture containing high valuable philosophical and moral teaching is widely accepted by many scholars and experts as a true masterpiece. Many are of the opinion that culture is the mirror of the owner. And a civilization of a country, of a nation can be seen clearly thru its culture.

The care of above heritage needs appropriate human resources, and last but not least, a fund to adequately finance the whole management. Without practicing, a proper management, supported whole-heartedly by all parties concern, especially by the members of Mangkunagaran families themselves, the mission shall be difficult to attain. At present, to cope with daily routine jobs and to keep the other activities of art, culture, tradition and ritual functioning, the Puro Mangkunagaran has set it tasks thru this internal organization

  1. Puro Mangkunagaran Internal Organization

  2. Art & Cultural Activities

  3. Tourist Promotion

  4. Social Engagement

  5. The Mangkoenagoro’s Family Association
    H.K.M.N. Suryosumirat.

    (Suryo S. Negoro)

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