Magelang is a cool pleasant medium sized town about 40 Km north of Yogya, surrounded by several mountains; Merapi and Merbabu in the east, Sumbing and Sindoro in the west. It is located on the road connecting Yogya and Semarang on the west site, whereas the other east site is Yogya Solo Semarang.

Mount/Hill Tidar, in the south part of the city which legend said as 'the nail of Java', the nail planted by gods to keep Java from shaking. The green hill is beautiful and it is important to keep the fresh air of the city.

The city has its small alun-alun (square) in the center, functioning as a park. In the corner, clearly visible by passers by is an old age water tower of the town.

Prince Diponegoro was tricked into captivity in 1830 in this town. The house where he was captured served as a museum, which keeps the Prince items.

The Army Military Academy site is in this city since along time. Since then, it graduates some brilliant military leaders of the country.

RECREATIONAL PARKS AND RESORTS With swimming pools, children playground and parks, there are two in the city, namely:

  1. Kalibening
  2. Kyai Langgeng
An outdoor sport and recreation, rafting has been organized in Magelang. The river Progo and Elo can meet the demand of such kind of activities combining skill, physical fitness and love of nature.
The upper course starting point of Progo rafting is in Kyai Langgeng Park, whereas the Elo Rafting station is in Blendo. The rafters can enjoy the eleven Km trip along the stream, sometimes through challenging of strong current and rolling waves and in other moment just relaxing along the quite stream, until the down stream base camp in the west of Mendut Temple. Browsing along the magnificent temple of Borobudur - one of the seven wonders in the world is fascinating.

Located in the foothills of mountain Sumbing, it is a holiday resort famous with its garlic and cabbage.

It is a waterfall located in the same vicinity of Suropati holiday resort.

On the road north of Kali (river) Krasak to Muntilan and Magelang, there is a center for stone statue craft. There are a lot of artists in the village making very beautiful stone statues. Some of the statues are really masterpieces. The products are sold locally and for export.

Magelang has an active car body manufacturing with sales distribution across the country. In the field of tourism, this region with pleasant climate and scenic nature can take the advantage from many tourists visiting Borobudur and Dieng Plateau.


It is the capital of the same regency, 40 Km east of Wonosobo. All travelers going to Dieng from Yogya or Semarang have to pass this regency. Temanggung is famous with the Klengkeng small sweet fruits, harvested in January and February.

A newly discovered temple located 13 Km from the town.

It is a highly scenic pass between Gunung Sumbing (3371 M) and Gunung Sindoro (3133 M), it is crossed at around 2340 M, and the views are great. Located 20 Km from Temanggung, It is excellent site for relaxing and mountaineering. Bungalows and other accommodation are available.

It is a pool on the slope of Mount Ungaran, located 22 Km from Temanggung. The water is cool and clean, and to some meditators considered as a holy place. The scenery here is very beautiful.

Those are two small pleasant towns in the regency. Pakitan is situated between the hills, it has a cool climate.


The regency of Wonosobo is mountainous region, located 150 km north west of Yogya, 145 Km southwest of Semarang. The last major town before Dieng is Wonosobo, a pleasant and cool city and could be used as a base for tourists visiting Dieng. In the east are Gunung Sumbing (3371 M) and Gunung Sindoro (3135 M), a handsome pair of sleeping volcanoes. In the north are Gunung Perahu (2565 M) and 2600 M heights of Dieng Plateau, in the west are Kulon mountains. The city of Wonosobo is about 2000 M above sea level.

It is a village 15 Km east of Wonosobo, there is a spring by the name of Surodilogo. Many pilgrims visit this site especially in the Javanese month of Suro. The water from this spring considered holy by the believers.

For the cave admirers, in the village of Wonosobo, sub-district Tepus, there is a pitlike cave named Tangkil (8 M deep). One Km further is Ngobyak cave with stalactites and stalagmites. The other caves are Ngingron, Ngoboran and Mulo.

It is a hot spring swimming pool, 3 Km north of Wonosobo.

It is a lake - reservoir, popular for weekend picnics. the lake is 54 M deep and 79 hectares large, surrounded by green mountains. The location is 12 km from Wonososbo, in the sub-district of Garung.
Other places for picnic in Wonosobo are; Telaga Bedakah, Sikarim waterfall and Mangli natural pond.

Located about 2600 M above sea level enclosed by wall of mountains; Perahu, Sipandu, Pengamun, Gajahmungkur and Galang.

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An ancient Bathing spring considered as holy is the origin of Serayu River.

GUA SEMAR A holy cave used for meditation by local and foreign visitors.

THE TELAGA or LAKES The beautiful lakes in the vicinity are:

  • Telaga Warna (Colored Lake) with turquoise hues from bubbling sulfur deposits

  • Telaga Pengilon (Mirror Lake)
  • Telaga Lebang (nearby the geothermal station)
  • Telaga Merdada is a large lake with an agricultural development center
  • Telaga Dringo
  • The Jalatunda well is alluring, in a 100 M deep hole plunging down to bright green waters.
The active craters, beautiful but sometime dangerous, among other:
  • Kawah Sikidang, a volcanic crater with bubbling mud ponds and steaming vents
  • Kawah Sibanteng
  • Kawah Candradimuka
The mountainous scenery in Wonosobo region is indeed magnificent. The mountains are covered with tea, tobacco, potatoes and vegetables are alluring. In the town of Wonosobo there are some hotels and restaurants, which sufficiently could accommodate the visitors.

(Suryo S. Negoro)

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