The Experience of K. Suwardi

Sastra Jendra

"When I was in secondary school, I learned Kanuragan very seriously. (Kanuragan teaches the students to be physically powerful by using inner power and/or mantras, and invulnerable to any kind of weapons, bullets etc) That kind of practice was common in my place where people adhered strongly to Kejawen principles" explained Pak (father) K. Suwardi, a man in his fifties, one evening in his house.

He is a native of Central East Java, a civil servant by occupation living peacefully and modestly with his Yogyanese wife and 4 children. "Seeing the result of mystical achievement I got, I did the learning more confidently by following all my Guru's instructions".

"If I remember now, what kind of exercises I have followed through, it was unbelievable". It was really hard, he said further, among other he had to fast without any food and water for a week, he had to remain outside directly under the sky for 24 hours; he and his friends had to submerge in the middle of a river for one night listening the teaching of their Guru.

He believed it could happened only by protection of Lord/Gusti. He was not satisfied to learn only from one Guru. During school holidays he went oftenly to learn in other places. He considered Kanuragan as the first step to learn a higher knowledge in spiritualism and Kejawen, to believe more and more to the unlimited power of Gusti.

Knowledge (Ngelmu) from his father
Continuing his experience, he said: "I have become an adult, already work and have a family. 20 years ago, I was called by my father to visit him immediately. I went home to my native village at week-end, I found my father was ill.

He asked me to stay until Tuesday despite my protest. In the eve of Tuesday, he talked to me in the veranda of the house. He asked me to open widely the front door of the house. Unexpectedly he told me that now, it was time for him to leave the family and the world. He instructed me to call my mother. My father held her hands tightly, saying clearly in composed voice:
"Well ma, we have been living together for a quite a longtime. I wish you apologize me for any mistake I did to you. It's now the time for me to leave you and the family". All of a sudden my mother collapsed and fell unconscious. My father fell on my lap, I embraced him, kissed his head. He whispered to me some sentences which he told me to be remembered correctly. He asked me: "Do you know?" "Yes, I replied". Then he passed away.

(seven years later, I understood that my father's last words are precious teaching of perfect knowledge, ngelmu Kasampurnan) Since I got my father's message, I deliberately dropped my kanuragan knowledge. I decided to learn a higher knowledge i.e. True knowledge.

Kasepuhan means knowledge for old people (sepuh means old in refined javanese). In his forties, Pak K. Suwardi was decisive to learn wise knowledge. He felt that he was getting older, it was a high time for him to learn something valuable for him as well as for others.

Praise Gusti, he met a right old wise man who knows kejawen perfectly. He learned and exercised with determination, step by step, unconsciously he became wiser. Without any promotion people started coming to him for consultation, of course, he can not reject the visitors. They come for various reasons. He started to help people among other:

  • To cure sick people.
  • To solve family problems.
  • To help someone to regain his/her consciousness due to black magic (santet)
  • To clean properly haunted houses etc.

Replying to question that in this modern time black magic or santet still exists, Pak K. Suwardi inhaling his breath deeply, said: "Regretfully yes, there are people who mischiefly using black spiritual practices to achieve different goals. I have helped a lot of people who suffer from these deeds. Really it's annoying".

Recently he have just helped someone who lost his twelve year old daughter for 3 weeks. The man has tried to find her every where: in his relatives 'houses, hospitals etc, before he came for a help to Pak K. Suwardi. Looking to the girl's photo, Pak Suwardi told her parents:

"The most important, your daughter is still alive. At that time, she is abducted and hidden by some spirits. Please pray solemnly to God the Almighty to protect your girl and request God to help you, so your girl shall return to your house safely. I will do my best also to help solve this problem by blessing from God". "The next day I got a phone call informing me that his daughter had return safely. Thank God! ".

My partner-Mas Kijan Djajatirta
In the effort to help sick people, I have a reliable partner Mas (brother) Kijan Djajatirta, a 44 year old man, an employee of an International Hotel. He has a tremendous ability to cure sick people by doing a kind of message. Upon request by the writer, Mas Kijan explained in his own words:
" I was born and bred in the eastern slope of Mt. Lawu, Batu Retno district, about 100 km South-East of Surakarta. My father a kejawen practitioner, many people come to him for consultation, he is treated as an old man by our local community. Since the age of 12, I learned kanuragan together with my fellow-village boys. I have been given opportunity to learn a lot in kanuragan knowledge. A spiritual training among many exercises which I never forget: When I have to remain in a forest for 7 consecutive days and nights, did fasting, did not meet other people for the whole period.

Only by the permit of Gusti and total belief to the knowledge I pursuit. I could successfully pass this spiritual deed. Needless to say that I have to learn step by step with the supervision of a Guru. He told me that I have to remain always low profile and above everything else, I am obliged to be grateful to God the Almighty. In kanuragan, I have the advantages to know about the strenghts and weaknesses of all parts of human body.

A basic knowledge which is very useful later on doing my duty in helping sick people. Growing older, I felt that I need a spiritual knowledge useful also for the well being of other people. I am happy that Gusti replies my sincere wish. I met a wise old man from whom I learn a lot.
Now, I am practicing to help sick people as far as I could with sincerity. I am fully aware, this is a part of my duty as an ordinary creature seeking real knowledge. Ngelmu Kesunyatan".

Sastra Jendra
Back to Pak K. Suwardi, he said further: "I admit that up to now, I am still learning true knowledge or some say kasunyatan (reality). I am very well aware that process of learning never stop. My aim for myself is to be in harmonious relation with Gusti and to be able to mamayu hayuning bawono (to embellish the world for benefit of mankind), that's why I consider helping people as my duty in life. Although, I confess that I can help successfully only with Lord's permit" My late Guru said it is Sastra Jendra. A person who had accomplish the real meaning of the teaching of Sastra Jendra is a spiritually great person (Priyagung in spiritualism).

In the ancient time Sastra Jendra was only for certain gods, it was a top secret knowledge. In wayang stories, the supreme god Batara Guru had tought this knowledge to god Indra. Only a selective people could achieve Sastra Jendra, after passing successfully his/her Tapa Brata (spiritual ascetism)

In his classical works, Arjuna Sasrabahu, a poet of Surakarta Palace (1824), R.Ng.Sindusastra mentioned that "Sastra Jendra is a world secret" (Sastra Jendra wadining rat)
Despite several comments circulated Sastra Jendra Hayuningrat Pangruwating diyu is Sastra - knowledge; harjo - Raharjo - safe; Endra - god, king; yu - Rahayu - safe; ningrat - world, body; pangruwat - to be freed from; diyu - giant or buta - blind, can not differentiate between good and bad.

Previously it was Sastra (Har) Jendra - a secret knowledge of gods, but at present it is becoming Sastra Ceta - a clear knowledge, showing a human being who is successfully doing his/her samadi, accepted by Gusti, he/she would see the reality (kasunyatan) for a person seeking for a reality, samadi is one of the most important thing to practice. By achieving spiritually Sastra Jendra, means: A human sees his/her real-self (kejatenira), his/her life is safe/perfect, able to 'mamayu hayuning bawono' - to embellish the world for the benefit of all creatures, knows the real knowledge of 'Sangkan paraning dumadi' - the secret of circulation of life, from where it comes and where it goes. Of course it could happened only by the permit of Gusti as a blessing to our good, correct and continuos spiritual efforts.

Closing his remarks on Sastra Jendra the low profile man said:
"Some kejawen people say this teaching can be achieved by those who perfectly understand the real meaning of Hanacaraka Javanese characters. Based upon experience, I am of the opinion, the most suitable time to disclose the true essential purpose of Sastra Jendra is the night of 1st of Suro, the Javanese New Year, the holy day for Javanese".

(Suryo S. Negoro)

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