Prof. DR. Sukintoko

From Olah Rogo (physical exercises)
To Olah Roso (true feeling exercises)

Keris from Panembahan Senopati
One night, sometimes in 1987, Pak (father) Sukintoko was meditating in Lipuro, a sacred place of pilgrimage of Mataram dynasty, 10 km south of Yogyakarta city. He was accompanied by some of his friends, amidst the other pilgrims.

Lipuro is one of the famous places where Panembahan Senopati did meditation in his efforts to build the 2nd Mataram Kingdom. Here, he accepted a divine revelation 'Lintang Johar' in the 16th century.

During his deep concentration of mind, he received a precious gift from Panembahan Senopati. A mystical keris (Javanese dagger). It is a straight keris, the form resembles to the genuine Tugu monument of Yogyakarta. the occasion was witnessed by some of the wise pilgrims (pinisepuh). He heard also a clear message, that he is allowed to visit Panembahan Senopati, in his house.

Expert in the fields of sports
Dr. Sukintoko for a long time, dedicates himself as Professor in the State University of Yogyakarta-UNJ, formerly known as IKIP. Since his youth, he is active in the field of sports among other basket-ball, football etc. Since 1953 he has joined a sport organization Yuso'. In 1957, he became a teacher of SGPD-(Secondary Teachers' School of Physical exercises) in Yogyakarta.

He was appointed as assistant coach of basket ball, where he was sent with the National Team to Mexico in 1968. He has also visited some other countries of Latin America, Europe and Asia. When he was only 15 years old, he joined the famous student army T.P-Surakarta in 1946, fighting for the country's independence. In 1948-1950, he was a member of Army volunteers Corp, under the legendary Brigadir General Slamet Riyadi.

A descendant of Mataram
As a youngster, Sukintoko was living in Solo with his parents, his father was a teacher of sports, Javanese language and physics. He is a true descendant of Mataram family lineage. From his father's side, he is a descendant of Sultan Hamengkubuwono II of Yogyakarta, where as from mother' side, he is a descendant of Sunan Pakubuwono III & IX & Sri Mangkunagoro I of Surakarta. All of them have direct link to the kings of 2nd Mataram kingdom as Panembahan Senopati, Sultan Agung etc.

Javanese Spiritual Teaching
As a traditional Javanese, a believer in God, he always worships Gusti/God the Almighty, tries to be always close to Gusti. In his best, he thinks and does good conduct and behavior (laku utomo), helping others in a good and correct way, in short to participate for mamayu hayuning bawono (to embellish the world for the benefit of mankind)

Since his youth, he has heard a lot from his father who is expert in Javanese language, some examples of noble characters and deeds, found in Javanese Tembangs (songs), poems and literature. By his own wish, he began visiting some places of pilgrimage of Mataram dynasty.

The 68 years of age, healthy and symphatetic, Prof. Dr. Sukintoko, carries a happy and simple life with his family in Yogya. His house is in the university complex in the north part of the city. As routine spiritual deed, during his 'nepton' (Javanese birthday every 35 days), for three days he eats less, no salt and meat.

His meditation is also a daily exercise. Anytime, he can do it, wherever he has a free convenient time. Sitting relax and control the breathing is important. Sometimes he got mystical messages. Sometimes, he does Samadi to exercise for true knowledge. He lies down on his back, on a clean bed, in a relax position. Listening to his controlled breathing. During the night, it is proper time to do exercises to acquire Kawaskitan (ability to see metaphysical world and to predict in various fields: personal life, situation of country etc)

Visits to ancestors' sites
In his own words, DR. Sukintoko further explained: "I go to certain places, if I have an inner feeling. Sometimes I go using public transport, motorbikes or if I'm lucky someone lend me a car. You know I have no car of my own, it's not a problem for me". He said smilingly.

"Arriving on sites, I adjust myself, my mind with the natural surroundings. I sit relaxly and concentrate my feeling, asking first the blessing of Lord. Usually I should see some images as mystical symbols. Interpreting the symbols properly is another important matter.

Since 1985, I got a partner to interprete the symbols I see. He is my colleague, Prof. Drs. R. Imam Sudjagad Saleh. We always go together to the sacred places of Mataram dynasty. We are a good team-work!"

Suryo S. Negoro

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