Ibu Sudarni Saimin

It's up to the wish of God

The 12 year old little girl was accompanying her beloved grand-father, Eyang Puspodipuro to the royal palace/Karaton of Surakarta. That night, the karaton was celebrating the Javanese birthday (Weton, every 35 days) of His Highness Sri Susuhunan Paku Buwono X, a highly respected and charismatic King of Surakarta.

A special ceremony was organized in the evening, continued by a whole night (Wungon-not sleeping) audience by several court employees. After the official audience, the king entered his private domain. Sometime after midnight, some court-employees, including Eyang Puspodipuro were playing at cards, usually until sunrise. The little girl, Sudarni was falling asleep. Unconciously, seeking for a natural comfort, she was leaning herself on the chair belonged to the wife of King Paku Buwono X.

At 03.00 o'clock in the morning, all of a sudden, the King appeared in the hall. He saw a little girl was sleeping deeply by leaning her body on the official chair of his wife. The court employees, busy with their cards game, were not aware of the situation. The King asked the court-servants: "Who is this little girl?" The court-servants were caught in big surprise, the felt guilty. Eyang Puspodipuro immediately woke-up his grand-daughter by pinching her repeatedly. The wise king said in his authoritative voice: "Stop hurting her. It's okey. She did not make any mistake. Although she is an ugly little girl (cilik-menthek), but one day she would be able to receive spiritual knowledge (momot), she would have power (kuat) to take good care (momong) of her families and many other people".
Her spiritual ability was predicted long time ago by King Paku Buwono X. The 73 year old, great-grand-mother, Ibu Sudarni Saimin always feels highly honored.

The green cool hilly town of Salatiga was poured by big rain in the afternoon of the last week of October 1999. The writer was accepted warmly and friendly by Ibu Saimin. Hot black coffee and traditional snacks prepared from banana and cassava were served abundantly. We were chatting freely, from heart to heart, as if we have known each other for quite a long time. In fact, it was our first meeting. "My feeling told me that you are a good person, you have a noble intention. I trust you entirely. I would tell you everything you wish to know", she told the writer politely and confidently. "I wish my explanation should be considered as valuable, as I am an uneducated woman", further said the low-profile woman. Then, fluently followed her true story in her own words:
"I am from Solo. My grand-father and father were court-employees of Surakarta palace. Since 1970's, I lived here to following my husband's assignment as an Army member. Life was difficult at that time, economically. I experienced by myself what is the meaning of poor. I did a lot of praying and self-denial. Sometimes in 1967, requesting a brighter path of life to God the Almighty, I meditated by fasting and stay awake for 3 consecutive days and night. It seems that my request was granted. I heard a voice that I have to help the needy, such as sick people, people who have problems etc. But how should I help? The voice said that I would know automatically.

A relative of mine was suffering from mental disorder. Already a week, he was sent to a mental hospital in the city of Magelang. He was punished as a crazy man. Again I heard the voice (of my guardian spirit) that I have to help my sick relative, I was told to give him some traditional snacks but I have to meet him directly. Right away I bought 3 pieces of small snacks in the market and I went to Magelang, located about 100 km from Salatiga. I was advised by the hospital guards that I should not see him because he was considered as an aggressive lunatic man. He was dangerous, he was locked-up in a strong cage.

But I insisted to see him, no matter what was his condition. It was horrible, his room was so smelly from his urine and feces. He was moving wildly and screaming. Standing near by the cage accompanied by the guards, I called him. He recognized me, came to me and ask me to help him. I said okey, but first he had to clean himself and the place. Surprised, he obediently followed my instruction. The guards cleaned the place and bathed him. I give him the snacks to be eaten. He ate the snacks very quickly. He was crying and said that he was not crazy. He begged me to release him at once from this mental hospital. He was longing to live again with his wife and children in Salatiga. He would return to his job and promise to take good care of his family and make them happy. My relative was back to normal instantly and lived again peacefully with his family"

"It was my first experience in helping people. Thanks God, I was successful". As in accordance with my inner feeling, I visited almost all sacred places in Central Java. I always ask the blessing from all-loving God. Since 1970 to present date my house was never empty. Especially after 1973 & after I could help a paralyzed man. The man was sick for more than 3 years could do nothing. With God's permit, I could cure him. It was a miracle for the man and frankly speaking also for myself.

I have an unforgettable spiritual experience in 1973. I felt mystically that I have to visit the domain of my ancestor in a village in Magelang Regency. I understood it was the domain of my ancestor, Eyang Yudhotaruno, a spiritual Guru of Prince Diponegoro son of Sultan Hamengku Buwono III, who had a war against the Dutch Colonialists in 1825-1830. From my solemn meditation, I knew that Eyang Yudhotaruno is spiritually close to me. I got a mystical advice to continue my life mission to take good care of my families and to help others.

I believe that my ability is a divine gift. When I face a sick people, I never think, how should I help him/her. It automatically comes out from my mouth. The delicate problem arises, if I knew that a sick person soon should return to where he/she belong. I have to say it diplomatically as I am forbidden to predict the death of somebody. It is solely the authority of God the Almighty.

I do not know until when I would have this gifted ability. It's up to the wish of God. Ibu Sudarni Saimin now is a widow. She has 3 children, 11 grand-children and a great grand-child. In her age, she is quite healthy, enthusiastically performing her duty to help others. Concluding her explanation, she said seriously: "I feel happy, many piyayi sepuh (wise persons) come to see me, offering good relationship. I know they have greater ability than me. But they care of me. Of course, I feel honored and always request blessing and advices, so that I could perform my duty properly".

Suryo S. Negoro

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