Soepadi Soetowilopo

To help others is a duty

There are some visitors in the house of Pak Soepadi Soetowilopo in Kotabaru, a clean well arranged area of the city of Yogyakarta. Mas Manyul, as his friends call him, is a helpul and open-minded gentleman in his seventies. He is healthy and looks much younger. Most of the visitors are coming to him for consultation. Some request advices to get rid of physical sickness and others need a way out of various problems, including spiritual matters.

His services began sometimes in 1969. For more than a decade, his house was always plenty of visitors from sunrise to sunset and even in the evening. He always tried his best to help the needy with a proper solution. He did not know how it begin. How he could help people and why did they come to him.

One thing he is sure, he is able to help others, only with the permit of God the Almighty. He never ask any fee for his services, this is a divine duty to help others. His visitors consist of local as well as foreigners-Europeans and Americans.

Miracles of life
Mas Manyul was born in Solo. From his father' side he is a descendant of Pakubuwono IV, from his mother' side, he is a descendant of Pakubuwono VI, one of the country's National Hero, granted for his firm support to Prince Diponegoro, the eldest son of Hamengkubuwono III, during the Diponegoro war in 1825-1830 against colonialism.

He spent his childhood in the hilly town of Temanggung, Central Java. His father, a nationalist fighting for the country's freedom worked as an employee in the local office of public works. He worked with the consent of Sukarno, a brave national leader who's later on become the first President of the Republic of Indonesia, upon one condition: his father had also to support the struggle of independence financially. A duty which he accepted with dignity.

His father, a traditional Javanese had a tradition to visit some places of pilgrimage. Sometimes, the young Soepadi accompanied him. One day in 1938, his father rrestored the place of pilgrimage of Ki Ageng Makukuhan in Kedu Regency. A famous ascetic of ancient time, respected by many people. During this construction, the young Soepadi began to see miracles which he should not forget for the rest of his life. The miracle for him is a proof of the holy power of God the Almighty.

In the era of independence, the family settled in Yogya, where his father was assigned as a lecturer in the Technical Faculty of Gajah Mada University. The same with his father, sometimes he visited places of pilgrimage. He tried to calm down himself, to clear his mind, to clean his heart and begin to meditate.

Until one night, in 1969's, he was meditating with some of his friends in a cool tranquil small village in the slope of Mt. Merapi. He felt that he was unified with the nature, his inner feeling told him that he is in harmonious relations with all loving God. In true happiness, he did not remember how long he had been meditating.

After the meditation, the village wise man and some of his friends told him that during his samadi, they saw eight colors of splendid lights shine from inside his body. It was really a miracle. Since that time, without any promotion, a lot of people visit him for consultation.

Golekono dewe
It is a Javanese language for "find with your own way". Mas Manyul believes that every one has her/his own specific way to reach the world of reality (Kasunyatan), to be in spiritually harmonious relation with the Creator of life, God the Almighty.

The process of spiritual learning never cease. He admits frankly that besides giving advices to others, by chance he receives also knowledge from other people. Meditating sometimes in places with strong natural power is beneficial to sharper true feeling and the messages received are worthwhile to open the horizon of knowledge.

Indonesia in the UniverseIndonesia in the Universe
A Painting by Pak Soepadi, as seen during his meditation in Bayat, Klaten, Central Java - in the eve of 1st January 1979.

He is of the opinion that places of miracles are found in many parts of the world. He experienced by himself when he was visiting France and the US. Concluding the precious conversation for this time, he added: "Based upon my experience and the experience of my friends-Indonesians as well as foreigners coming from several parts of the world, many of "world-class" spiritualists, are of the same opinion that some places in the region of Mataram (Yogya, Solo and surroundings) have very strong mystical and natural power. These places are worth to be visited for spiritual practices.

Suryo S. Negoro

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