Ibu Soekirno Hadipoetranto

"The peace of mind, a second nature"

"Kebatinan is an invention of knowledge, which gives peace and understanding to human experiencing troubles, sadness and difficulties in daily life. It has a sole purpose to guide human to a correct path to minimize her/his suffering. This is a starting point of the birth of the knowledges of wisdom, nobility, peacefulness and braveries which are beneficial to human, physically and spiritually" said Ibu (mother) Soekirno Hadipoetranto softly and clearly in Javanese refined (kromo inggil) language.

She further said: "Human has an increasing demand, never stops. He/she should do to reach perfectness as determined by himself/herself, natural surroundings and time. For us who are used with kebatinan, we are not surprised to learn any achievement. Our spiritual ability should be used positively to improve the quality of life and the need of human. So that our perfect mind could be used for its best to give light during darkness encountered by those people who have lost their mind toward progress. This wish, must be consistently strengthened to accomplish our duties of life, in accordance to our own destined duties consciously or unconsciously". It's her opening of explanation regarding the knowledge of Kebatinan or Kejawen.

A happy grand-mother
Smiling politely, Ibu Soekirno, a symphatetic lady who neatly dressed in Javanese costume, invited the writer to have a talk in her cozy house in Jakarta. She was born 77 years ago in Boyolali, Central Java. With an open heart she talked about her experience to gain the knowledge.

"I was a small kid, when both of my parents passed away. So I know quite well since my tender age what is the meaning of sadness. I lived then in Yogyakarta with my uncle. I was well taken care, I attended good schools in Yogya, so I can speak Dutch and English. I had a happy family with my husband, Pak Soekirno, we lived in Surabaya. As people from the elder generation, it was normal that we have 10 children.

The merciless blow
In 1957, I had a very painful experience, my youngest children, nos. 9 and 10 passed away. I blamed that kind of fate. I asked Gusti/God, why he was so unjust by taking the life of my two children. If I was wrong, the one who should die was me, and not two my beloved children. I was so emotional that I almost lost my faith to God.

In the ritual to commemorate my late children, I had to light a kerosene lamp, in the middle of the offering. As if I heard a voice saying "Don't light the lamp now, pray first" I prayed to All-loving God together with my husband and brother. Then I heard again the voice "Now light it". The room became brighter. The voice heard again: "You know, it was dark, now it is bright".

After that, I was seriously ill, due to fatiqueness but most probably from stress. I was paralyzed for quite sometime. The drugs and injections from medical doctors could not cure me. Until one day, in 1958 an old wise man (piyayi sepuh) visited me. He said that I could not be healthy again, unless I got spiritual enlightenment as pre-destined for my life. I understood this mystical message. Together with my husband and brother we decided to go to Yogya to meet a spiritual Guru. My inner feeling told me the name of the Guru and through mystical sight, I knew how he looked like.

When I met him in his house, he was exactly the man I saw in my mystical sight and the name was also correct. He was very kind to me and I was accepted at once to learn Kejawen knowledge from him. Normally, it would need a long time for a Guru to receive a new student. A Guru should observe carefully the would be student and see whether he/she is strong enough to receive the knowledge.

I learned and practiced Kebatinan knowledge whole heartedly with total devotion to God the Almighty. With the blessing and permit of Gusti/God, in 1963, I knew the essence of Kebatinan and I began to practice it by helping other people". (Mandireng)

Since 1970, after her beloved husband passed away, she had to take care by herself their 8 children to finish their study and one by one they left the house to have their own families. Now, thank God she has 17 grand-children, 9 of them are already working.

She confesses that she is happy to be able to overcome all obstacles in her life. It is in accordance with her principal understanding that Kebatinan experts through batin/ inner side life, using their minds should have ability to find a solution.

In order to have a clear thinking, one should control the lusts. The lust should be used positively. Those who wish to live in the world of Kebatinan, have to ask themselves whether they are ready to pay a certain price. As they won't gain anything without paying the price. And what is the price? There are: 1. Diligence 2. Capability 3. Confidence 4. Carefulness 5. Determination. Be careful before making a decision.

The unavoidable pre-requisites to become a spiritually clever person (wong pinter) are noble and strong character, good conduct and morality, devotion to God, responsible deeds to herself/himself, the family as well as to the nation, the country and the world.

As a result of a proper achievement in spiritual conducts and practices, the vibration from the center of batin could be received. Every one has her/his own specific way dedicated to Gusti/God, who is the center reins of all vibration. Only then, the divine light would reign in the human body.

As it has been explained above, everyone has her/his own specific experience toward the road to spiritual enlightenment. Usually they face something troublesome.

  • It could be in the threshold of wrong path.
  • It could be a disappointed suffering
  • It could be an obstacle to the wish of progress.

It is called the darkness, a trial of life.

It needs a solution. Those who can't listen to the voice to their hearts or have weak voice of hearts, would act anything to satisfy themselves although it could be harmful to others. Those who has strong voice of hearts, they should solve even the most difficult obstacles in a good, useful and noble ways. Good from the point of view of moral behavior, useful to others and noble is free from self-interest.

Meditation could find a solution properly to avoid any conflict. It is a peaceful way to understand true life in a correct manner. It could be achieved by those who have trained their wishes properly, as a result thereof, have a perfect consciousness to implement the nobility of their minds and wishes to always 'mamayu hayuning bawono' (to preserve the beauty of the world for the benefit of mankind). The above is the teachings of Javanese Kebatinan or Kejawen.

The spiritual exercises
Ibu Soekirno Hadipoetranto writes a 35 pages booklet, 'The basic understanding of Kebatinan' in Indonesian. She would gladly give this book to be read by those people who she considers as already have matured character to be able to understand the knowledge. She is very wise, by meeting directly someone, she would know right away, who is really the person she encounters. For the visitors who have problems, she would gladly help them. For those who have gained true knowledge, she would say: "Let's help the needy and to mamayu hayuning bawono' in our own ways".

In her book, she emphasizes the way to do spiritual training. There are 2 ways:

  1. To accomplish spiritual exercises while he/she is working normally, living in the middle of society as a family head, member of a family, a citizen, a creature of God.
  2. To do spiritual exercises by living alone as an ascetic.

Both ways are correct, as long as the goal is noble.

The method of training depends to every individual. He/she may choose the way which is suitable. But she strongly advises not to try to practice it alone, because everyone doing spiritual exercises should need a control of what he/she receives and does.

The best way if he/she has a proper spiritual Guru. A good Guru is someone who is mentally and physically perfect, noble in morality and deed and of course the one who has wisely master true knowledge. 'An ancient Javanese advice' says: ' Be careful in choosing knowledge and Guru, so you won't walk in the wrong path'.

For those who have found a perfect road would be safe to reach enlightenment in their life with the peace of mind. They should keep it as 'a second nature'.

(Suryo S. Negoro)

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