Romo Soebadi Poespowinoto

The fighting spirit of Mataram

The 77 year old veteran of Yogyakarta is fit and healthy, his memory is still perfect. Every morning Romo Soebadi has a regular habit of walking or rides his bicycle visiting his friends. Sometimes he visits some sacred places of the founders of Mataram Kingdom and stays there for the whole night.

He is always grateful to God the Almighty who has given him a moderate life. As a traditional Javanese, since his youth, he adores the founders of Mataram, notably Ki Ageng Giring, Ki Ageng Pemanahan, Panembahan Senopati (The first ruler of the second Mataram Kingdom-1584-1601), Panembahan Purboyo and Sultan Agung (The third King of Mataram-1613-1646).


The 5 ancestors give a great example of the correct way of life and heroic struggle dedicated to the country, for the safety and welfare of the people. He is confident the value of their noble ideas is a valuable asset for Indonesia.

About fifty five years ago, as a youth fighting for the country's independence, the young Soebadi had a strong illusion that one day he would live in a free state Indonesia, like the dalang (puppet-master) of wayang said: Negara adil makmur (a just and prosperous country), Tata tentram kerta raharja (order, peace, safety and happiness) prevails.

But he saw the fact that building such an ideal state was not just like rubbing an Aladdin lamp. It should be fought hard in proper manner. Regretfully, some people are not sincere and greediness is everywhere. As a simple and honest man seeking for true knowledge, he was very much concerned about it. Are there no leaders, who are honest and brilliant in this country?

Brave, honest and Simple
One night, years ago, he was meditating in Parangkusumo, on the beach of South-sea, a sacred place renown as a meeting place between Panembahan Senopati and Kanjeng Ratu Kidul-the goddess of the South Sea. He concentrated his rasa /inner-feeling. Suddenly, he heard a whisper in his heart and he saw in front of him a keris that appeared as seen in the above picture.

Mystically he understood the message.

Tumbal Mataram
Tumbal is something used to protect, an offering or protector against something.

Mataram from Mata-eyes, sight Arum-fragrant as perfume, clear sight. A clear vision.

Pribadi Binuko
A person with sincere open heart.

Wani, Jujur, Prasojo

Wani=brave; Jujur=honest; Prasojo=simple.

Someone who is sincerely prepared to devote his/her life to Mataram (the country with clear vision), must be brave, honest and frank (among other: to tell and to do the thruth; to lead a simple life etc). this is pre-requisite of a fighter and a leader of this country.

A normal person is required to have the above characters i.e.; brave, honest and simple. Romo said that it is in fact very simple, especially for Javanese who supposed to have a good conduct. To be brave, dare to do something. To be honest, could he easily be honest to others and to himself?

Simple, is it difficult to carry out a simple life in the society? Could he or she, if he/she helds a position to refrain from abundant material wealth? would he/she be in a position to resist any temptation? Such as bribery, corruption, high and strategic position, greediness etc. Could he/she follow the examples of Pendawa, instead the ones of Korawa?

Romo Soebadi is confident this simple mystical message remains valid to this day. That's why he is not tired to tell everybody to always practise it. He advises: keep it as a valuable heirloom!

Concentration of Cipta
It is very important for the seekers of true knowledge at every time convenient to make an inner instropection, calm down the feeling, concentrate the cipta by manembah sincerely to God the Almighty.

It depends to every individual, where he should perform it (but usually alone in the night), inside the house, in the garden or somewhere under the open sky. As for the mystical experience, Romo said it depends to everybody's laku/spiritual effort and back ground. It's not the same for everyone. However, the experience must be useful for mankind (to mamayu hayuning Bawono), otherwise it is wrong

Magical spots in Mataram
Why does Romo as a wise man go to places considered as sacred by many? Among other the remains of the past (Petilasan) of Mataram ancestors, such as remains of their asceticism and their resting places. Patiently Romo replies in confident voice: "One should know that in principle, every place is a good place. But they are some places in the land of Mataram, especially the above mentioned spots, have a very strong magical, power. A person meditating in those places should receive a clearer vision. It's a divine gift".

The pictures of 5 Mataram founders.
In the veranda of Romo Soebadi's house, there are 5 pictures of the most famous Mataram founders, namely: Ki Ageng Giring, Ki Ageng Pemanahan, Panembahan Senopati (the first ruler of the 2nd Mataram Kingdom). Panembahan Purboyo (the main advisor and the great chief-warrior of Sultan Agung) and Sultan Agung Hanyokrokusumo (the great king of Mataram).

Romo said, those pictures are photos of original paintings which at present hung in the Karaton/Royal Palace of Yogyakarta. The imaginary pictures were a result of his strong laku (spiritual effort). As he himself was not a painter, he had asked a collaboration of a painter, Pak Sutopo, to put on canvas the imagination of Romo. Prior to the execution of painting, Romo and the painter went together to all remains and graves of the Mataram founders.

With God's blessing and kind permit from the 5 Mataram founders, the pictures are excellent. Through spiritual contact, Romo Soebadi was told, the pictures are correct.

Noble advices
Romo Soebadi Poespowinoto got some noble advices from the Mataram ancestors, related to change of time/situation in the country. Whatever the situation is, someone must always have a noble character, says one of the advices: Luhuring budi tan hangasorake' wataking sesami, means: A person with noble character should never humiliate other people.

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