Prof. Drs. R. Imam Sudjagad Saleh

Kejawen a proper way, to improve quality of life

A gentleman has just parked his motorbike in the front garden of Prof. Dr. Sukintoko's resident, he is also a professor of State University of Yogyakarta - UNY, formerly known as IKIP, he is Prof. Drs. R. Imam Sudjagad Saleh, a good friend, relative and partner of Pak Sukintoko in seeking reality (Kasunyatan).

He looks much younger despite his 70 years old of age. Every where, he goes riding his motorbike, a practical means of transport in the city of Yogyakarta. Even he goes to remote places outside town using his bike together with his partner. A simple way of life, he carries on relaxly and with dignity. People, especially the younger generation should follow the example of this respected University professor.

Pak (father) Imam was born in Manado, North Sulawesi. His father was an officer of Post-Office. Then, following his father's assignment, the family lived in South Sulawesi. As an elder generation, he has a worthy experience to live in various political circumstances, under the Dutch, Japanese and in the free Indonesia. He takes only positive lessons. He is of the opinion all the changes are always improving the development. In the old days, a strict method of education to school pupils should, pave the way to a conscious self-discipline.

Geography and Kejawen
After finishing his study in Faculty of Geography, Pak Imam becomes a lecturer of Geomorphology. The subject is closely related with the study of nature with its different components. The relation of nature and human life is clearly visible. Human-beings should treat the nature and the symptoms of nature in a correct way in order to have a good, correct and noble life. Through Geography as a science, it is easier for Pak Imam to understand true knowledge (kawruh sejati) as described in the traditional spiritual teaching of kejawen.

The Quality of life
Prof. Drs. Imam Sudjagad, is a descendant of Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono II of Yogyakarta, his wife has a direct family lineage to Sri Mangkoenagoro III of Surakarta.

Since 1985, his interest to kejawen grew. He met his colleage and relative, Dr. Sukintiko who has same interest. When they went together to their ancestor's graveyard, Adipati (court regent) Djajaningrat, famous with his nick-name Eyang (grand-pa) Sapujagad, a son-in-law of Sultan Hamengkubuwono II, they got a mystical instruction (dawuh), that from that moment, they become partners seeking true spiritual knowledge. They go together to many sacred places. The mystical messages, received by Pak Sukintoko, properly interpreted by Pak Imam and vise versa.

Pak Imam does Samadi anytime. He sits cross-legged, worshipping sincerely to Gusti, God the Almighty. Sometimes he does tayuh, solemnly requests Gusti of something he would like to know. With full concentration of mind, he begins to meditate as long as he can. If too-night, he got no message yet, he should continue the following night. Everything could happened only with the permit of all-loving God.

As a believer in God, his focuss of pray is to mamayu hayuning bawono (to embellish the world for the benefit of mankind), a good correct life and well-being for other people as well as for himself and his family.

He is confident that kejawen is a proper way to truly improve the quality of life, for the benefit of mankind. confidently he told the writer:
"Regarding kejawen, I have same opinion as my partner and probably with other lovers of kejawen that it has a universal value. The basic is Budi Pekerti based upon logical thinking of good, honest mind and good conduct and behavior. To do (makarya) everything decently not only for her/his benefit but also beneficial for others.

Always remember to worship and be grateful to God the Almighty, think and do only things in the paths blessed and permitted by Gusti. Sincerity and morality are a must and have to be practiced consciously. Only with clear mind, holy heart and correct deed, you should be able to be closer to Gusti.

Based upon the above moral guidance, preservers of kejawen are always concern with the safety and well-being of mankind and the Universe with all its contents.

"Some people ask me how I got this spiritual ability. Well to tell the truth, I myself do not known how I get this small ability", said the low profile Professor.
"I might say I do it in a relax way. I work in the University which is my duty and as the head of the family I have also to perform my duty to take care of them. In the evening when I feel fit, physically and mentally, I do pray and samadi. I never force myself to do something which is beyond my capacity.
This way, I keep the balance of life in the correct track and direction, always praying to be blessed by God the Almighty".

Suryo S. Negoro

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