Cipta Tunggal

Cipta - the forefront or the head of rasa (feeling). In Javanese: Pengarepe rasa.
Tunggal - one; focussed to one object.
Probably it could be translated as,

The concentration of cipta

  1. Cipta, Karsa (wish) and Pakarti (deed) are always active as long as a humanbeing lives. Pakarti could be a physical or non-physical deed. You could help somebody to solve his/her problem by giving him/her some advice after you consult your cipta or rasa. It is advisable to have only good cipta, so you should have also good karsa (wish) and consequently you should have good pakarti, which is beneficial for you and others.

  2. You should always make exercises to practise the above, you must be always patient/sabar. Focus your cipta to be patient. You could makarti (to do pakarti) well, if the wish of soul and five senses (lahir) outer side and batin (inner side) fit each other. Remember that soul and body are always influenced by the power of fire, wind, land and water.

  3. Keep your physical body healty, among other by:
    1. Drink a glass of cool water, early in the morning, during the day and at night before bedtime. The cool water is good for the muscles and other parts of body which have done makarti.
    2. Keep your body clean and healthy. Take a bath regularly, in the tropical countries twice a day.
    3. Do not smoke too much.
    4. Consume more vegetables and fruits and less meat. You should know that meat and flesh from slaughtered animals penetrating your body are not too good. To be a vegetarian is a positive step.
    5. Control your desire, be always sabar/patient, Narima/grateful, accepting the destiny consciously, Eling (remember, don't be absent-minded). Do not do excessive intercourse. Probably one or twice a week is enough.

  4. Do exercises to make your cipta stronger. Concentrate cipta, control the five senses. Calm the body (eneng), clear and peaceful cipta (ening). If your cipta could be concentrated and be focussed to one object, it is good. The cipta begins to have power, it could be functionned to fulfill or at least to arrange a good wish.

  5. Make a small black or blue spot on the wall ( ) You sit on the floor crossleg facing the wall, see/stare to black-spot without blinking your eyes for quite some time. Concentrate your cipta. Control the five senses, cipta and clear thinking directed to the black-spot. Do not think of anything else.
    eyes 75cm black-spot
    do it relaxly.

  6. Do breathing exercises twice a day. In the morning after taking a bath, in the afternoon/evening before taking a bath. Inhale and exhale calmly in a relax position.

  7. Do gymnastics regularly to keep you healthy and to support your exercises of breathing and concentation.

  8. Draw inside your body the essence of Trimurti, early morning before sunrise is good, the air is still pure.

    Inhalehold breathingexhaletotal
    10 seconds10 seconds10 seconds30 seconds
    1st week 3 times
    15 seconds10 seconds15 seconds40 seconds
    2ndweek 3 times
    20 seconds10 seconds20 seconds50 seconds
    3rdweek 3 times
    26 seconds8 seconds26 seconds60 seconds
    4thweek 3 times

  9. To strengthen your brain, inhale with your left side of the nose by closing the right side of the nose with your finger, hold breathing, then exhale with your right nose, cover the left nose with finger.

    Inhalehold breathingexhaletotal
    4 seconds8 seconds4 seconds16 seconds
    1st week 7 times
    10 seconds7 seconds10 seconds27 seconds
    2ndweek 7 times
    10 seconds10 seconds10 seconds30 seconds
    3rdweek 7 times
    20 seconds20 seconds20 seconds60 seconds
    5thweek 7 times

  10. Your karsa should be fulfilled if you do all advices properly. Practise the samadi at night/the best is at midnight in a proper room. Control your five senses. Close your nine holes of the body. Sit relaxly crossleg. Focus your sight to the peak of your nose.
    Inhale, hold the breath and exhale, calmly, relaxly. Concentrate your cipta. Listen attentively to the voice of your breathing. First you should feel something so peaceful. When the time comes, you should be in a position of the harmonious relation between servant and master.

  11. Try to do as the following:
    1. Forget everything for 12 seconds.
    2. Remember and concentrate your cipta solely to the supreme substance for 140 seconds.
    3. Clear your thinking for 1 hour, 2 hours or 3 hours (inclusive your meditation by breathing/inhale, hold breathing and exhale, for 1 hour)

  12. 7 kinds of tapa raga; tapa-asceticism and raga-body (bodily asceticism) to be practiced:
    1. Tapa of eyes, less of sleep, do not expose self-interest
    2. Tapa of ears, less of lust, do not listen to bad wish.
    3. Tapa of nose, less of drink, do not blame other's misdeed.
    4. Tapa of lips, less of eat, do not talk about bad conduct of other people.
    5. Tapa of hands, do not steal, do not easily beat others
    6. Tapa of sexual organ, less of love-making, do not commit adultatory.
    7. Tapa of legs, less of walking, do not make mistake

  13. 7 kinds of tapa jiwa (soul/spiritual asceticism) to be practiced:
    1. Tapa of body, low profile, only do good thing.
    2. Tapa of heart, grateful, not suspecting others to make bad thing.
    3. Tapa of lust, not envy to other people success, never grumble, patient in the suffering time.
    4. Tapa of soul, loyal, never lie, stay away of other people's business.
    5. Tapa of feeling, calm, strong in Panalongso.
    6. Tapa of light, noble, to have clear thinking.
    7. Tapa of life, alert, to remember.

  14. Determination of your wish.
    1. Do not hesitate.
    2. Be confident. If you lose your confidence, it is like a heirloom losing its yoni/power.

  15. Respect other people disregard of their sex, position, ethnic, nation, belief and religion. All humanbeings are just the same: I am also you, tat twan asi (sanskit language). That's mean, if you do good things to others, it's good also for you. If you hurt others, you hurt yourself too.

  16. The four brothers/sedulur papat
    (sedulur-brothers, relative; papat-four)
    The traditional Javanese believe the existence of sedulur papat, accompanying you wherever you are, as long as you live in this world. They are assigned by power of nature to assist you, to be faithful and helpful companions. They do not have physical bodies, but they do exist, it is also a reality.
    It is better if you know them. You must also have a harmonious relation with them, they are:
    1. Kakang kawah, elder brother kawah, in the form of water of fetal membrane. He comes out from mother's womb before you. His place is east, his color is white.
    2. Adi ari-ari, younger brother ari-ari, in the form of placenta. He comes out from mother's womb after you. His place is west, his color is yellow.
    3. Getih, blood which is coming out from mother's womb,. The place is south, the color is red.
    4. Puser, navel, which was cut after your birth. The place is north, the color is black.
    Except the above sedulur papat, the other is kalima pancer (kalima-the fifth), the fifth pancer is your physical body. So, you call them=sedulur papat kalima pancer. They exist because you do exist!! Some call them=keblat papat, lima tengah. (The four directions, the fifth is in the center). The above five were born thru mother, there are others who do exist not thru mother's womb.
    They are mar and marti in the form of hawa/air. Mar is the air, the mother' struggle to deliver the baby. Marti is the air, the mother's feeling after successfully delivered the baby and the baby was born safely. Mystically, the color of mar marti is white and yellow. You could ask a help from mar marti, only after you are doing Tapa Brata (serious ascetic life)

  17. The levels of sembah
    Sembah means to respect (to parents, kings, God etc) in a special traditional manner: respectful greeting, made with palms together, fingertips upward, the two thumbs touching lips or nose.
    The sembah to God the almighty, except respecting him, also adore and pray to him. The other term is Puja Brata. Some gurus say that you are not allowed to do Puja brata, before you pass Tapa brata.

    • Sembah Rogo
      (Rogo; physical body)
      This is a tapa (ascetic practice) of the physical body. You know that body only obeys the order of your batin (inner side) and your desire. The body wishes to enjoy himself, to feel great without any limit. Starting from today the body has to obey the wish of cipta = wake-up in the morning, take a bath, do not be lazy, as a normal human being, it has to work. Consume less food and sleep less
      i.e. Eat when you are already hungry
      drink when you are already thirsty
      Sleep when you are already sleepy
      Learn useful noble knowledge for the benefit of yourself and other people.

    • Sembah Cipta
      1. You have to exercise your thinking to reality, servant knows God.
      2. You have to do only good and correct things, control entirely your lust. Defeat greediness.
      Your rasa should be sharper. You start to see reality.
      Exercise your cipta by doing as follow:
      • Do it regularly at midnight, at a proper place.
      • Concentrate on your feeling
      • Do not force ability of your body, just do it relaxly.
      • Your wish is clear, focus on it.
      • Get used to it, until you have a feeling that what you are doing is something you have really to do, it is not a burden at all!
      You are on the way to true reality. You feel lonesome, as if you remember nothing. As if the body, astral and mental do not function, you forget but the soul is 'eling' (conscious), it's the situation of eneng (calm body), ening (peaceful cipta) and eling (the consciousness of true feeling)
      Those, who are determined to see reality, he/she should see the result.

    • Sembah Jiwo
      sembah jiwa to God the Almighty. Feel deeply using jiwa/suksma what have you found during eneng, ening and eling. It's a sembah from batin (inner side) not involving lahir (outer side). If you see a very bright light but not glaring, it is a sign you open the world of reality. The light is your own Pramana/supreme substance. You should have a sure feeling, that you while doing samadi and the light are protecting each other.

    • Sembah Roso
      (Roso-feeling, here is true feeling; roso sejati)
      • You should understand perfectly, why you have been created for and what's your task.
      • You should understand perfectly, the reality of all living beings. Thru samadi, you see Sangkan Paraning Dumadi. The harmony between servant and master is like the sweat of honey and the honey, indivisable.

(Suryo S. Negoro)

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