At. Jl. SIDIKARA No. 2 Baluwerti, East of Kraton Surakarta, there is a Hindu Pura / shrine SANAATANA DHARMA MAJAPAHIT and Pancasila (SA. DHAR. MA. PAN ), a place to study and practice YOGA.

YOGA means concentration of mind detached from other subject matter, such a concentration is SAMADHI. A YOGI is one who fully concentrates his attention to SUPREME GOD. SA. DHAR. MA. PAN was established by a prominent YOGI, the late Bapak (father) HARJANTO PRADJAPANGARSA, a very respected person, mastering a broad and deep knowledge of YOGA, with International reputation.

The present leader of the Pura is Bapak R. M. SOEDJADI, a Pandito (Hindu Priest), one of former assistants of the late Pak Hardjanto, many people, local as well as foreign, such as Australian, European, American etc. are learning and practicing Yoga here as in accordance with their faith.


At present, misguided men are suffering the darkness of materialism. Forgetful men do not know the path for peace and prosperity. Modern materialistic society is detached from its relation to the Supreme God. In practicing Yoga, the decent principals of life must be obediently followed and fulfilled, among other :

  1. Believe in the Oneness of God.
  2. Believe that only truth should prevail
  3. Carrying-out daily good behavior, decent morality, to be generous and helping each other, love to other living being, to be able to refrain greediness.
  4. Believe in Eternal and Perfect Life.
  5. Utmost purity and life of diligence and honesty etc.

These principles of life should open the way of securing divine grace. It should be understood that life in the material sphere there is only little happiness for a limited period and only temporary.
SANAATANA DHARMA could teach people the real purpose of life. By acquisition of Yoga through knowledge and practice, one should have consciousness of only performing whollistic actions resulting in world-justice, world-peace and world-prosperity.

The Practice of YOGA

For the realization of the real goals of life, there are several practices which must be carried out whole heartedly.

  1. Sun Gazing Meditation
  2. Tirta-Yatra Yoga
    (by submerging the body in the water up to neck)

    The practice is arduous, but a perfect skill is guaranteed in facing and handling anything.


In Thursday Paing, December 25, 1991, a holy Spring by the name "Sang Hyang Muso Katon" emerged in this pura. According to a laboratory test the water is mineral water. This water is used for ritual purposes.

The Ritual offerings

The ritual offerings and pray requesting, peaceful and happy life of mankind are rendered in Wednesdays Pon, eve of Fridays Kliwon and during the full moon in every 15th of Javanese month.
The atmosphere in the Pura MANDIRA SETA of Sa. Dhar. Ma. Pan is quite tranquil and solemn.

(Suryo S. Negoro)

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