Gamelan from
Puro Pakualaman

  1. Kanjeng Kyai Pengawis Sari and Kanjeng Kyai Tlaga Muncar

    A complete set of Gamelan slendro and pelog. The original was the creation of Sri Pakualam I. the duplicate was a gift from Sri Pakubuwono X from Karaton Surakarta. There is something special to this Gamelan. If it is played one by one, letís say only the bonang or the gender, the sound is not nicely tuned.

    But when all instruments are played together then it shall produce a perfect harmonious melody. It seems this Gamelan would like to say to human beings that all men have to work together, help each other, in a high cooperation spirit to achieve the best satisfied result for all people.

  2. Kanjeng Kyai Raras Rum (slendro) Kanjeng Kyai Ruming Raras (pelog)

    This Gamelan set is used in the performance of wayang kulit (leather puppets).

(Suryo S. Negoro)


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