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Kejawen is not animism nor paganism. It's a Javanese spiritual knowledge in search of good and correct way of life, the persons practising the teaching correctly and wholeheartedly, should find the spiritual way to true life, achieving a harmonious relation between servant and God, this is a perfect happiness.

A person who has reached true knowledge see the secret of life through samadi. Those who are able to control lust, should posses clear thinking and feeling, furthermore after some regular and devout exercises should be able to see metaphysical world, can see the future and has ability to solve any problem in a proper way.

Be your own Guru by reading the book of "Kejawen, Javanese Traditional Spiritual Teaching". Kejawen, does exist in Java up to now, in fact it always exists since ancient time, even before the arrival of any world religion in the beautiful and fertile island of Java.

This book is highly praised by some famous spiritualists from Indonesia and abroad.

Kejawen - Javanese Traditional Spiritual Teaching (English Edition)
iv + 154 pages
Soft cover
ISBN 979-9451-05-1
Pub.: CV Buana Raya Printing & Publishing - Solo
US $ 4.50 exclude delivery fee.

Kejawen - Laku Menghayati Hidup Sejati (Indonesian Edition)
x + 170 pages
Soft cover
ISBN 979-9451-04-3
Pub.: CV Buana Raya Printing & Publishing - Solo
Rp. 19.000,- exclude delivery fee.

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