Dear readers,

We love our country.
We adore our culture.
Since 1997 Joglosemar Online concentrates its prime goal, by promoting the rich varieties of art and culture of our beautiful land.

We are a small group of private citizens, who are very much concern to preserve our culture by efficiently introducing and promoting it to the readers from various parts of the world.
We do believe the benefits of cross-cultural relation. The result is quite encouraging, more and more visitors read the website. Last month it had around 120,000 visits among other from Indonesia =>15,000
Other visitors are among other from:

  • Asia (Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan etc) => 12,500
  • West Europe (Netherlands, Germany, UK, France, Spain, Belgium, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland etc) => 12,500
  • Australia and New Zealand => 7,000
  • USA and Canada, Arab countries, Latin America, East Europe, New Caledonia etc etc.

We receive emails everyday from various countries requesting information on art, culture, tourism etc and we have to reply accordingly.
The data clearly shows Jogosemar is a reliable source of information.
Despite our optimism, the general and economic situation in the country is not (yet) conducive and it affects strongly our performance.

Although, Joglosemar Online is a non-profit foundation but we have some financial expenses to cope with, minimally for the maintenance of hard wares, appliances, purchase of stationeries, electric and telephone bills for the internet, economized expenses for producing articles and of course the salaries of our small dedicated staffs.
Fortunately , we do not have to pay office space with its equipment, as it is already provided by a generous friend of ours.

So far, we have received a lot of very nice appreciation and moral support for our website.
Frankly speaking, we are grateful and proud for the comments. But at the other side, we got to be reallistic as regard to financial matters.

In order to keep the existence of our beloved website, we would like to invite some honorable ladies and gentlemen and biz.communities who are concern with the preservation and promotion of our art, culture and tourism.

We invite you to become our guests of honor or honorable members of Joglosemar Online, with open heart we welcome your donation. We will publish your name in the list of honorable donators in the website.

To the business companies, we will be happy to profesionally promote your business in the website.
Sorry, if we can not say in a much better way.
Please contact us to e-mail :
at your earliest convinience.

Jakarta, August 30, 2000
On behalf of Joglosemar Online,

Sincerely yours,

Suryo S. Negoro

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